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Postby magicmickey » Nov 5th, '07, 12:36


I get telekineticredit for 2 weeks. It is very cool. I use it very often. There is always in my wallet . No setup, and the advertising text is 100% true.

It costed only 24.95 at

The manufacturer is

Youtube video: ... rch=Search

People's reaction is great. Good for roundwalk magic too.

I give 10 . I am totaly satisfied.

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Postby Magic-Martin » Nov 7th, '07, 13:32

A more indepth review would be awesome :wink:

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Postby magicdiscoman » Nov 7th, '07, 13:45

from what iv'e seen the credit card dosn't look very examinable so you would need some audience managment skills.
expensive for something you could do your self with a voodo doll gimick.


Postby magicmickey » Nov 8th, '07, 13:07

I have a vodoo doll too, but it's not the same. Vodoo doll is not so clean during the effect, you can't use a borrowed object, it looks like a magic prop and I dont like use the gimmick of
vodoo.( perhaps you know what I think )

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Postby magicdiscoman » Nov 8th, '07, 14:36

in the vid a cigarete and a pencil with erasor are used for the levitations which pointed me in one direction as to a similar method to the voodo doll, the vodoo gimick is like the vodoo doll but in reverse if you catch my drift and was often used for the levitating of a cigarete in your hand.

were as most people won't wan't to examine the credit card after the lift some will so you will need to be able to pocket it wile there still reacting as I'm asuming the gimick won't pass inspection in the same way i wouldn't give my change bag out to be played with.

I'm not having a go but you need to put things like examinability in a review as this is the sort of thing we like to know before we buy a product otherwise you may as well copy and paste the blurb they give and say i like it.
of cause you can't give the gimick away so you have to be carefull about the wording, thats why i asked for more imfo.


Postby Deshi » Dec 4th, '07, 12:48

I saw this some time ago and decided to give it a miss, then all of a sudden i found myself buying one, happens alot that!


The card itself isn't examinable of course but it does pass for a credit card when it's in your hands. I slipped this in my wallet and it doesn't look out of place with other credit cards. The artwork on the card hides the gimmick well i think and it takes but a moment to be sure of the correct handling to avoid suspicion.

The control of raising and lowering the ciggy is very subtle and i like that, I think it really adds to the magic to not have the need for any awkward hand movements. I've had alot of fun with this little trick, adults and kids alike seem to have the same amazed look on their face.

My only complaint is the construction of the card means it can be suffer wear and tear. The top coat of the card has a laminate finish which is cut around the edges. even with little use the edges of my card have started to lift. Other than that i love it, in fact i will probably buy another and before i use it I will seal the edges with some transparent glue to avoid this happening. I strongly suggest you do the same if you get one.

Overall for a small easy to carry around impromptu piece of magic with what seems everyday objects I would recommend it, of course i think it's best suited for a ciggy and the changes to the smoking laws reduce the opportunity to do this with a lit ciggy (which looks best).

Ease of use - 10/10 (instant use really)
effect/results - 10/10
value - 8/10 (fix the card edges)

Overall - 9/10

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