Balls Galore by Gosh

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Balls Galore by Gosh

Postby MagicIan29 » Nov 18th, '07, 17:47

Didn't know if anyone had already reviewed this, or where to put it, but here first review.

The Effect
Three 1 inch balls (red, yellow and black) are shown in the right hand, and put into an 'empty' left hand, before the magician puts the balls into a volunteer's palm down hand and they close their hand around them - so the volunteer thinks he has three balls in his/her hand. Cue surprise upon opening when six balls are produced; two black, two red and two yellow! Then take three of them away, into your pocket and then 'squish' the remaining three into your closed fist. Give the fist a tap with the wand and a large ball is produced, coloured red, yellow and black.
The three balls have connected to form one!

Couldn't find it anywhere accept Ebay for 7.99GBP ... dZViewItem

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1 or 2

A very good trick which gets a great reception when performed well. The main downside is that the final ball cannot be explored, but otherwise a great trick to ad to a sponge ball routine, despite the relatively high price. The six small sponges can be used for several other tricks, and the jumbo multi-coloured sponge could also be used although again it couldn't be explored.

10/10 for reaction and interest.
7/10 for price and lack of being able to explore it.
8.5/10 all round.

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Postby bananafish » Nov 18th, '07, 19:00

Nice review - I love sponge ball magic, it really is magic happening in a spectators hands and the reactions you get is very strong.

For reference for those not wanting to buy off ebay, it can also be brought from here ... ts_id=5270

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