Making money!!!

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Making money!!!

Postby Magic-al-brighton » Dec 23rd, '07, 15:44

How about a topic on how to make looooaaads of money by performing??!! i realise there is a business topic but how about people just post in ideas how to make big money performing, i know i could use a few tips!!!!

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Postby Mandrake » Dec 23rd, '07, 17:21

No harm in a thread on this topic but, based on previous attempts, there isn't enough to justify a separate forum area. Check out Doing the Commercial thing via the Search function and you should get quite a few tips on the business and money making side of magic. Bottom line seems to be that unless you're very lucky and find an aspect which hasn't been used before then making a living by performing magic is probably not going to happen. Several of the known names in magic admit that their partners' income is what keeps the bread on the table and they wouldn't be able to live on their performance fees alone.

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