Linking Laces Review

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Linking Laces Review

Postby JJJP » Dec 25th, '07, 18:50

Linking Laces


She rests her shoe-covered foot on your lap. You rub her tied laces to soften them up ...and her two loops suddenly link! You have to untie her laces to unlink them.

You gallantly re-tie her laces to make two more unlinked bunny ears. This time she pinches the two separate loops between her own fingers ...and again the two loops link! And they stay linked!

At your insistence she reluctantly takes her foot off your lap ...and wanders away with her impossibly linked laces. She can keep her laces linked forever ...or she can eventually untie them in a futile attempt to unravel the mystery.


The first link is real easy to do, it took me about 5 minutes to learn. The second link is way harder. It took me a while to perfect.


The teaching in the booklet and DVD are good. When I was learning the second link, the DVD was hard to understand, but the book helped a lot.


The reactions are good. I only tried it on one person though.


1. Impromptu
2. The laces are permantly linked
3. Comes with a bonus


1. I don't like the bonus

Overall I give it a 9.5 out of 10


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