Self tyng shoelace

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Self tyng shoelace

Postby zoomb » Dec 31st, '07, 00:32

Ok lets say I was in the park and I told someone your shoelaces are undone and they say ok. Then they notice my shoelace are undone and tell me that, i reply oh and I shake my leg left, right, forward, back twice. Finally they are tied securly in a double knot. It looks good, it feels good,but is it worth it.
I think it isn't because it takes loads of preperation for a single effect that sometimes dosn't work and theres nothin more embarissing when your doing the routine, but it dosn't work. Luckily I've only done it to family and friends. The price is reasonable, the presenation is ok, the choice is yours.

Thanx for reading. Reply for more details or whatever :) :(

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Postby .:Ham:. » Dec 31st, '07, 01:04

I believe there are many other reviews on this trick, but thanks anyway! I also don't really like this trick either because you can't walk around with it set up or else it will get screwed up.

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Postby Lenoir » Jan 2nd, '08, 14:05

im think about inventing a self typing VELCRO gimmick.
Oh wait..maybe..thats a bit easy. :lol:

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Postby KingJeux. » Jan 2nd, '08, 15:37

Wild Card wrote:im think about inventing a self typing VELCRO gimmick.
Oh wait..maybe..thats a bit easy. :lol:

If it can TYPE and is VELCRO then it's sure to be a hit!
maybe for lazy computer users moreso than magicians tho ;)

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Postby Replicant » Jan 2nd, '08, 20:19

Check the review index for three other reviews.

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