The energized coin

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The energized coin

Postby zoomb » Dec 31st, '07, 17:37

It's dinner time & your family and friends are gathered around the table waiting for there food. A perfect opportunity to peform a trick and a good one too. May i present to u the energized coin.


You take a round pad out of your pocket and turn your empty wine glass upside down on top of it. You ask for a 10 and 1p. You put the 1p on top and the 10p under the glass. Then u take out a card and everyone to examine the props. You take the card tap it on the 1p... bang the 10p jumps up along with the 1pinside the glass. The 1p penetrated through the glass and u show them the card nothing there and everything can be examined.

The Price:

£10.00 to £15.00 a good deal for a range of props.


Adults and children, but more towards the adults.



stunning effect,
low price,
towards all audiences


sometimes not everthing goes right.......,
a cleverclogs like me could guess it out on the 3rd time

3 good points & 2 bad points a thumbs up from me :D :)

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Postby Mandrake » Dec 31st, '07, 17:51

Is this the Marvin's Magic offering?

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Postby zoomb » Dec 31st, '07, 17:58

yep it is

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Postby Replicant » Jan 1st, '08, 13:57

I have this. It's a nice effect, very visual indeed. Even when you know how it works it still looks and sounds impressive. It's one that I perform from time to time; as you mentioned, before or after dinner is a good time. I have a spare one for sale (brand new) if anyone is interested. At one point, I had three of these!

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Postby Golden » Jan 1st, '08, 15:40

It is a very nice trick, especially considering it's Marvin's Magic. I have one and I'll be using it tonight when we have our new year tea with all the family over :)

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