Cameleon silks

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Cameleon silks

Postby connor o'connor » Jan 7th, '08, 22:54

Cameleon silks (die tube)

The Effect

You make a fist with a hand. You get a six inch red silk place it in your hand push it through and it comes out the bottom yellow. you now show this to be the only silk in your hand, You take your silk, show the hand to be empty. Place the silk back in it. Show other hand to be empty and again push silk through fist. Now its come out green. Repeat to red. Repeat to yellow. Repeat to green. Repeat untill audience asleep......

Cost 6.99


2 as it does require some deception and placing the silks in so they come out again in a fluid way takes some practice if you want to be a perfectionist
If you can use a TT then you can use this so perhaps even a 1.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)


cheap silks, cheap gimmick, very good instructions. FUN FUN FUN.....
Its a die tube (but I think these have elastic in and need turning round? Don't know for sure. If someone knows a difinative difference please post)
You get three silks and the gimmick.
I got mine for christmass as it was a cheap wish list item from old. Ok you could make one if you had the silks but a magic trick that has the effect this has on specs for 6.99? Good value I say.
This is so much fun. And you can point straight at the audience no probs (not if on pointing finger :roll: ). I have enjoyed this myself so much it's worth the money (But then again, I did not pay for it :? )
A sponge ball is a boring cheap piece of rubbish that can amaze and amaze, and whilst this has only the one routine it is of the same catagory.
If you don't know what a die tube is/have no six inch silks then worth a punt especialy if you do kids or want a basic silk vanish/change routine
If you know what a die tube is, and have some six inch silks then make one up and have some charming fun.

Overall 7/10

Amazes people is a bit much as it's been seen so many times before, but they never catch on and the specs love it.
Is this a charming forgoten classic? Well perhaps. I will leave it to the older members of this forum to decide.

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connor o'connor
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Postby Lord Freddie » Jan 7th, '08, 22:59

It is an old classic matey.
Nice review, where did you get your from?

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Lord Freddie
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Postby connor o'connor » Jan 8th, '08, 18:58

the wife got mine here

very prompt service she said :)

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connor o'connor
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Postby Lenoir » Jan 8th, '08, 19:19

Was thinking about getting some charmeleon silks, never really been on my list but I might do soon!

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Postby Al Doty » Jan 13th, '08, 02:23

This is a classic in magic and if you are thinking of doing this watch this being performed by a professional. Presentation is important. I think just about everyone should do this. Good review.

Al Doty
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