The world famous banana trick & BBB by Dan Garrett

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The world famous banana trick & BBB by Dan Garrett

Postby Flash » Jan 28th, '08, 00:02

The world famous banana trick & BBB by Dan Garrett

The Effect:
They say:
Yes the very same trick as used by John Lennahan on 'Stuff The White Rabbit'. A Banana keeps reappearing at your finger tips, no sooner do you remove it, then it is replaced by another one, ad infinitum. You can place them in a bag and have them all disappear at the end of the routine. A wonderful compere item or "running gag" great for the children's entertainer, in fact this could fit in anyone's act. So very easy to do be honest can you really afford not to have one ?


The Baby Banana Bonus is a supplemental routine designed to enhance the original Banana Trick. Baby Banana climax of having a "bunch" of miniature bananas magically appear in the spectator's hand. This version incorporates a Dan Garrett brainstorm which makes it easier and more unexpected than all other similar routines. These fine miniature bananas are made with the same individual care as the regular bananas. They will add new laughs plus a magical new dimension to the Banana Trick.

£12 + p&p from Top Secret Magic, but available from lots of stockists.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
Not exactly a knuckle buster, there is a sleight but it's simple so a whopping great 1 to 2

Well really I should be writing the act that I brought these babies for but hey, I noticed that there was no review of these on the forum, which is surely a crime, so here goes.
What can I say? A piece of pure silliness, slightly more difficult than falling off a log, well manufactured, and cheap as chips (banana chips that is)... What is there not to like? Obviously they won't fit everyone's style (I can't imagine David Blaine or Derren Brown using them in their next shows) and some may think that the method of this minor miracle is a wee bit obvious but to me they are spot on, perfect in all their fun fruitiness and just right for my purposes. And if the idea of bananas doesn't float your boat, well you can get carrots or even pickles... If the talented Mr Garrett creates another two varieties you could even link it in to a 5-a-day routine. That's what I like, a nice and healthy bit of magic! :D

A fruitilicious 9.5 out of 10

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Postby bmat » Feb 5th, '08, 18:43

I don't perform this effect. But I had the pleasure of watching Dan Garrett perform this at a lecture and it really was impressive. And yes while the method is slightly more difficult then falling off a log (unless you are a log roller) it makes no difference. He had a room full of magicians incredibly entertained and must have sold a boatload of them.

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Postby Floss » Jun 3rd, '11, 20:52

These sponge bananas have been a staple part of my repetoir for nearly a decade. I like them not so much for their magical effect but just as foils for telling really silly storys about bananas. My favourite joke in the world is made more stupid and visually more ridiculous, when I have the bananas.

Doctor, I have a banana stuck in this ear and another stuck in this ear, whats wrong with me?

You're not eatting properly.

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