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Postby beetlejuiceecis » Feb 5th, '08, 18:50

The Effect
The performer opens up a paper napkin and folds it up. He then tears a corner off, almost all the way. The spectator then rips off the corner and holds on to it. The performer opens the napkin to show a large circular hole in the middle. The spectator opens up the torn corner to find it is in the shape of a star.

Varies - as far as I know this is not available to buy individually - although it can be found in various lecture notes. (This was taught to me by Scott Wells, a magician from Houston. It appears in his lecture notes, and also those of Dan Harlan). A simple Google search will point you in the right direction of the relevant notes.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

2 - Once you know what to do, it's easy!!

The methodology of the trick is, in itself, simple. Actually, once you learn it, it almost seems laughable. But I experienced this trick at a lecture - and every magician in the room said "Wow, how did you do that?!" It's just one of those tricks - and to lay people, they are blown away! They just can't seem to fathom how that star cames from the circular hole!

I believe this effect is worth the price of lecture notes alone. An excellent effect. 9/10

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Postby George Chan » Feb 5th, '08, 23:05

This sounds like a great little effect. Ill have a search for it. Thanks Eoin.

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Postby swamy » Apr 15th, '08, 07:06

Check the DVD vol 2 titled "Imprompto magic" by Dan Harlan. The name of the trick is "Time To Take A Napkin". Hope I am correct.

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Postby finneyfollower » Jan 7th, '10, 02:17

This is a great effect with a very charming story that gets laughs too.
One paper napkin is all you need.

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Postby roddy » Jan 9th, '10, 08:40

Has anyone managed to find lecture notes as a download? I've tried unsuccessfully so far.

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Postby finneyfollower » Jan 10th, '10, 17:07

I believe it is on his DVD series, All purpose show
This DVD includes Hold it buster which I highly recommend too.

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Postby ColinR » Jan 10th, '10, 18:50

Dan Harlin teaches this on the World's Greatest Magic with Everday Objects. I would highly recommend this DVD.

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Postby batchin » Feb 7th, '10, 09:13

wow its great and i think in my country never played this trick so COOL!

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