Dream Queen

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Dream Queen

Postby deanos123 » Feb 11th, '08, 17:25

The Effect

AVAILIBLE AT http://www.magictricks.com/cards/dreamqueen.htm


$1.95 or from ebay (UK) for around £2.50

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1.5 You just need to remember card order.

Performer shows an envelope containing four cards, the four Queens. The spectator names any one of the four Queens. When the four cards are removed from the envelope and fanned out, the selected Queen is found face up between the other three Queens, which are face down. Best of all, when the selected Queen is turned over, it is the only Queen with a different color back! Wow!

An easy to perform packet (small pack of cards) trick. Includes all cards needed plus color instructions. Matches Bicycle decks.


If you own entourage then you will be familiar with this trick, however this is a simplified version, you recieve 4 gimmicked cards on bicycle stock, however these are NOT genuine bicycle cards, mine were very dark in colour and did not have the feel of a quality bicycle card, felt more like paper. I wouldn't dare add them to a normal deck of bikes, there slightly bigger as well. You also recieve the paper envelope for them to slide in.

If you own entourage then i wouldn't bother with this trick because entourage is far superior and you wouldn't perform these tricks back to back. For the price though this is a good simple effect, very easy to perform once you remember where everything is. Maybe aimed more at the very beginner.


6.5/10 Would have been a better trick if they were on Genuine Bikes, not paper cards with bike print. For the price this is a good trick just to show, if for some reason you don't have entourage.

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Postby George Chan » Feb 12th, '08, 02:42

This is a nice effect to keep in your shirt pocket. Its nice and easy to perform and looks good. It isnt completely examinable but with the right audience and presentation that wont be a problem.

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Dream Queens

Postby Uncle Bill » Feb 23rd, '08, 07:03

Excellent if you practice it enough. I do it blindfolded to enhance the effect. As was mentioned before, you'd better remember what is where!

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