The Nothing Box

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The Nothing Box

Postby Lord Freddie » Feb 16th, '08, 16:09

The Effect

They say:

"Try to imagine what is inside this small tin. You give it a shake and you can hear something inside. Perhaps it's a ring or a coin. You look inside the box and the only thing you see is NOTHING!

This is so easy to do yet baffles even experienced magicians. Can be used for countless other effects, including the vanishing of almost any small object.

This box is suitable for rings, most coins and many other small objects. You'll amaze yourself once you see this item, which is causing a real buzz in the magic community already"

Varies from place to place, it costs £8.09 here: ... -3209.html

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1: self-working, unless you need to clean up completely which needs little, common and easy sleight


I couldn't find a review of this anywhere, so decided to post one.
Although this is not a show-stopping, ground-breaking effect, it is a fun little diversion to throw into your act at some point. It does what it says on the tin, or rather, the little tin does what it says it will do.

You receive a small tin and the extra something. It does indeed make a clinking sound with the spectators guessed ranging from a coin to a ring and even a pea and a button. A fair few specs have asked to examine the tin in disbelief and this is where you need to clean up, which requires an easy sleight but the specs are likely to be burning your hands holding the lid and tin at this point.
The method is a good one and although many specs have tried to (incorrectly) guess as to how it worked, a few have been accurate which was dispelled as soon as the clean-up had taken place and they could examine all.
Does this fit into the category of novelty items or magic?
Well, it could be either depending on your presentation. I tend to present it as if it bewilders me as much as they and state that being a magician lots of odd things happen which I can't explain. When presented as if you are equally puzzled, I find the spectator is less quizical as you are putting the emphasis on yourself being puzzled rather than them and this seems to eradicate any 'challenge' they feel may be presented to them.

Does it get a good response? Yes, it can do when used amongst other stronger effects as a diversion or a little thing to add to your overall performance. I certainly wouldn't use it as an opener or a closer but have incorporated it into a stronger routine or as a linking item between too effects.
For the record, it has a quality which makes it easy for you to vanish, if you know what I mean, which could add more emotional impact to the overall effect if you vanish it after showing it empty. If I'm still to vague for you, it's possible you could do something with the Nothing Box and a Chop Cup.

A nice, fun little item to carry around which could be used as 'back-up' to throw into your act. Not a stunner, but with the correct presentation you could have fun with this.


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Lord Freddie
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Postby IAIN » Feb 16th, '08, 17:08

i've deliberately let mine get rusty and battered on the outside..

with a p****d coin or ring, you can have a lot of fun...

i've been tempted to buy another two and do a kinda monte thing with 'em...


Postby Lord Freddie » Feb 16th, '08, 17:46

Hmmm..monte routine.. that's a great idea! :D

"You're like Yoda ..... you'd sell out to a Vodaphone advert if the money was right."
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Lord Freddie
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Postby Craig83 » Feb 16th, '08, 23:00

I got one of these from davenports for £3.50, not sure if its the same size. Its a good bit of fun but as you say, not a show stoper

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Postby George Chan » Feb 17th, '08, 01:03

Sounds a bit like the old empty matchbox effect. Shake the box to rattle the matches and ask the spec to guess how many are inside. Put the box on the table and bet that whatever number they guess there wont be that amount in the box. Having nothing to lose and the possibility of a lucky guess the spec guesses a number. You click your fingers over the box and ask him to pick up the box and empty out the matches onto the table - the box is completely empty.

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