Time Perception. AKA James bond watch

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Time Perception. AKA James bond watch

Postby bmat » Feb 25th, '08, 22:56

Time Perception

Price: Average 60.00 USD Murphy’s magic, (dealers only) check your favorite dealer
can easily be found at MagicNevin.com for you UK folks.

I can almost guarantee they won’t keep making these.

The effect: It is more of a utility device then an effect.The write up is below. I don’t see the point in writing up another.

http://www.magicnevin.com/proddetail.as ... amp;cat=97

Difficulty is 2 – 5 It depends on what you do with it. It can be incorperated into a complicated routine. On the DVD he teaches some very simple coin work that any beginner can grasp with a little practice.

Review: This gets complicated so. First off, I like the watch and I’m quite picky and I very much like watches, the more bizarre the better. This one is not quite as off beat as watches I am used to wearing, but it is a flip watch (the face of the watch flips out of its housing on a hinge) so it fits right in with my style of things. The watch is classy without being tacky or too flashy. And so far keeps great time. Even if I didn’t use it for its magical abilities I would wear it as a regular watch.

Magical Capabilities: Without giving anything away this is not an okito box type set up as previously guessed at. There are no loads for the coin or card effects. So you must use a little slight of hand. It in no way beats card to wallet, but it is a card (corner of a card to be exact) to impossible location. Same is true of the coin. Remember the coin is signed. I tried the coin routine and it worked wonderfully. I changed the routine as I always do. I give a whole business about my watch and my uncanny ability to stop and store time. I even have a space in my watch to store all my stopped time. The watch is handed to a spectator and that is pretty much the last time I touch the watch. I borrow a coin. Put my initial on one side. The spectator puts their mark on the other, they hand me the coin. They pick up the watch and hold it tight. The coin is vanishes from my hand. Spectator opens their hand the time on the watch is running about two minutes slow. They open the watch, no coin. On the inside of the watch there is a ‘false’ bottom I take out my trusty knife and pop the bottom off just enough so the spectator can then lift it off and out of the watch. There is a coin with my initial on it. I dump the coin into my hand give the coin back to the spectator to verify their mark on the other side. T’is a wonderful thing.

Card effect did not excite me so no comment. However I will utilize the nature of the flip part of the box to have a ready prediction for those odd times.

Levitations: This is not a reel! It is a dispenser. You get enough gimmick to last a life time. Problem is he doesn’t ‘sort’ the stuff for you or place it on the gimmick. So that is a little bit of a pain in the *rse. At first I was disappointed it was not a reel. But after listening to his reasons, and I thought about all my frustrations with ITR’s I’m happy it is not a reel. With enough thought you could possibly adapt a reel to this, but I doubt it.
What is not clear in the advertisement is that you must choose, there is not enough room for both a coin and floatation gimmick. It is easy enough to switch things around but you would have to escape for awhile to switch things around. In floatation mode it is not really examinable, of course there would be no reason to hand your watch out anyway.

Yes you can still flip open the watch with the floating gimmick inside and the spectator can see inside the watch and not suspect. So you could tape a prediction or something to the inside bottom of the watch.

Negatives: I personally have no trouble handing the watch to a spectator in the coin or card routine and have them open it and examine it. I can see why some folks may be nervous about doing so. If you are worried about handing out a gimmicked coin then you will probably have an issue.

I seriously doubt a professional magician will make room in his/her current routine for this. They may put it on and have it for those rare cases. What the heck you already have it on why not? I would use it when I’m going out not expecting to actually perform. But like my Haunted key which is on my key ring, like my cig through coin which is on my key ring, like my wallet and now my watch I’ll pretty much always have it on me.

I hate the fact that it comes with a DVD and no written instructions. I guess I am just old fashioned. I really don’t like that the introduction has nothing to do with the effect. Are they trying to show their lousy directing ability? Just more minutes out of my life. Once you get to the actual effects it is all well explained, but not in an order I would like it explained. Because I tend to hit fast forward a lot it took some time for me to find out his recommendations on inserting the floating gimmick.

I’m not going to give it a rating because I’m not sure how. For me it is 8/10 for the people who really like this sort of thing they will love it. Others will give it a -2. It is not a trick, it is not a prop. It’s a utility device. The floating part, like all others in this genre is a royal pain. I honestly believe that it will end up in the unused prop drawer of most magicians and just as the battery runs out you will eventually forget you own it, then one day come across it again and wonder just what the F*** it is and why is a watch mixed in with your c**p? Which is great for me as I’ll be out performing miracles!

After thought: Could you modify your own watch to do this? NOPE.
I'm still thinking up different presentations with it. There are quite a few different possiblities using the same theme.

Any questions that I can answer without giving anything away feel free send me a PM.

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