File sharing topic

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File sharing topic

Postby magicmystro » Feb 27th, '08, 18:57

I was just thinking when you here the word file sharing you instantly think of things like: downloads, software and so on. I thought wouldn't it be better to have the file sharing forum named something like magic videos, magic performances, etc as we dont really get anyone actually posting photos on there do we?

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Postby beetlejuiceecis » Feb 28th, '08, 17:00

A good point actually...

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Postby Adrian Morgan » Mar 2nd, '08, 16:04

I dunno about that. If there's one forum that could do with renaming, I'd say it's Reviews. The name Old reviews would better capture the reason for its existence.

If there are two forums that could do with renaming, I'd say the second is none other than Forum requests. I would favour a name that implies a wider scope. Forum suggestions or Forum ideas would both be moves in what I perceive as the right direction, but personally I would go further and expand the scope of the forum to include any discussion that is about Talkmagic as opposed to merely on it. Such discussions are generally known as "meta-discussions", so my choice of name would be Meta discussions, Meta talk or even TalkMeta.

Under this proposal, a thread such as Accessing my account by andyreg (posted in the Dove's Head) would be posted to the same forum as the requests, suggestions and ideas currently posted to Forum Requests. Such threads are united by the fact that Talkmagic is the topic of discussion, and not merely the location where the discussion takes place. Part of my motive for suggesting such a change is that I suspect the existence of a forum exclusively dedicated to requests sometimes unintentionally encourages the sillier sorts of suggestions (to a large extent, the content of Forum Requests could be parodied as: "there should be a forum for discussing favourite colours for sponge balls" and it would only just be a parody). Expanding the forum to include more than just requests may well curb some of the wilder excesses that it seems to attract.

What else? Well, in the Welcome section there are no less than three forums that consist of nothing but stickies. I think that's excessive. I would propose merging Talkmagic welcome with Talkmagic rules and etiquette (after all, the content of one is a subset of the content of the other). I would also propose making Who's Who at TM a sticky in TalkMeta (or whatever you call the meta-discussion forum) rather than a forum all to itself.

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Postby IAIN » Mar 2nd, '08, 16:09

why not a TalkSticky?

for all your sticky needs in the one place?


Postby greedoniz » Mar 3rd, '08, 11:37

abraxus wrote:why not a TalkSticky?

for all your sticky needs in the one place?

Do I need my credit card details for that part of the site?

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Postby IAIN » Mar 3rd, '08, 12:35

why yes...yes you do...

theres also a mandrake-cam option being discussed i believe...


Postby Mandrake » Mar 3rd, '08, 12:52

abraxus wrote:theres also a mandrake-cam option being discussed i believe...
No doubt with a very slow frame rate - time lapse would do fine most days :D .

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Postby bananafish » Mar 3rd, '08, 13:04

The plan is to eventually move all the rveiews in reviews to the appropriate review sections, so I would say no to renaming it.

One reason we do not spend more time doing it is because in order for bicycle808 to add it to the relevent index they only only actually moved wen they are brought back to the top.

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Postby Replicant » Mar 3rd, '08, 15:00

Bicycle808 is dead. Long live Replicant! :D

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Postby bananafish » Mar 3rd, '08, 17:52

Replicant wrote:Bicycle808 is dead. Long live Replicant! :D
:oops: Naturally - I new that :oops:

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