Outlaw Effects Magnum Wallet

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Outlaw Effects Magnum Wallet

Postby Spindoc » Mar 22nd, '08, 23:48

This wallet is now shipping. I received mine today and am delighted with the quality of its construction and ease of use. As a peek wallet I couldn't as for anything easier to use. That's all I have used it for so far but I haven't had it for a full 24 hours yet and I am quite sure it will function very well for PW.

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Postby Johnny Bravo » Apr 17th, '08, 18:44

Just bought this, (American delivery, will be years till it's here ) :evil:

From all the reviews this sounds fun but can someone tell me (or PM me) what is PW?

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Johnny Bravo
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Postby Jjtee » Apr 17th, '08, 20:44

P**k wallet methinks! Urine earlike.

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Postby Part-Timer » Apr 17th, '08, 21:02

Could be. PW means at least three things. The one Jjtee mentioned, something you do early on in some mentalism effects and something you do late on in some mentalist effects. :) I think it's the last of these. Johnny, if you've seen Banachek's Psi Series DVDs, you'll have seen him talk about this technique (I think it was volume 2, but it might have been the first one).

I'm deliberately keeping this exposure-free.

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Postby Johnny Bravo » Apr 17th, '08, 23:33

Yes sorry, I was looking at the reviews & discussion on this wallet at magic cafe & had a mental block re PW, what grabbed me about this wallet was it's secondary peek method via 3M, which I don't know but I'm guessing this is similar to wow wallet. (Those with wows will know, those without won't, no exposure? I hope)

So the magnum wallet comes with two p***s

I'll review this when I get it :-)

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Johnny Bravo
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