Chain Gang by Marc DeSouza

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Chain Gang by Marc DeSouza

Postby greedoniz » Apr 16th, '08, 13:21

The Effect

The Chain Gang bring an old street scam to the level of magic.

Chain Gang is a killer routine, right out of a professional's entertaining, interactive routine that you can learn fast and will do often. Marc DeSouza's Chain Gang is just that. Not just cool moves, not just clever patter, but a highly commercial routine that plays for an exciting seven to eight minutes.

People are intrigued by gambling. It's only natural. Here is a dynamic handling for the classic Endless Chain that is different. It's not just a series of moves, but distinctly different sequences which build dramatically.

It is presented as a history of the game, utilizing a number of varied techniques not just for "throwing the chain", but also for engaging, holding and entertaining your audience. All of the moves are detailed as well as the "audience management", structure and psychology. Plus, as a special bonus, Ken Schwabe's incredible "Double Throw / Double Catch" variations are taught. These can be added to Chain Gang or any other Endless Chain routine.

This is an all Reigions DVD, supplied with a velvet carrying pouch containing a gold anodized chain similar in length, size and style as used by Marc DeSouza.


£23.99 from Magicbox.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

I learnt all the "moves" in under a hour so pretty simple (3). But the success of this routine really does hinge on patter and performance.


Although this kind of effect (also known as Fast and Loose) isn't usually my bag, with me usually going for the quick visual wam bang thank you mam type affair, for some reason the idea of this really appealled to me and I have to say I am not disappointed.
The prop supplied with the dvd is a sturdy and very long gold chain loop in a velvet bag which under proper use will last a lifetime. The dvd itself is very well put together with seperate chapters for the performance and then the explaination of each phase making for easy access to whichever part of the routine you are concentrating on.

The teaching is very concise and thorough with much of the emphasis on the performance and patter.
The patter itself in the routine suppllied is one of a rough history of the game of fast and loose with the spectators gambling using poker chips.

Through the performance Marc DeSouza really sells the idea of this being a game of the operator pre-empting the choice of the spectator and so turning the routine in to something close to a mentalist effect.

The "moves" employed throughout the routine are pretty simple to learn and the mnumonic peg taught by Marc Desouza during the teaching of this really helps remember the routine very quickly indeed (I had all the moves in order and remembered in an hour). Do not however think that this means that you are anywhere near performance by this point.

It has to be stressed that this isn't really magic effect but more a gambling hustle therefore it is the patter and performance that is of huge importance (as it always should be but more so here) as so is the enviroment and other effects to be performed around this.

Finally I have to say that I really enjoyed learning this and will enjoy performing it once I have thought out my own patter. I have tried this routine on the missis but without a full performance (and her knowing I'm not a expert in body language etc) it did fall rather flat but saying that it has really got me thinking about delveoping a hustle type routine.


This isnt for everyone as it has a rather narrow appeal but if this sort of routine interests you then I can highly recommend it


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