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Postby EckoZero » Apr 26th, '08, 21:26

I did a search on this but found no results so sorry if this is repeat posted...



http://www.magicbox.uk.com/shop.php/sho ... p_845.html


Hmmm, I want to say 1, but it's not entirely self working, so I'll give it a (very) generous 2.

They Say

The magician’s insurance policy has had its day!

Welcome to the new era of comedy card revelations!

Welcome to Wayne Goodman's ASBO!

After being unable to find the chosen card the magician finally confesses that he has to learn to control his temper, because last week he was issued with an ASBO, to prove it he brings out an official looking envelope and opens it to reveal an ASBO inside! As the ASBO is read it reveals the accusations against the performer and at the end the name of the chosen card. You even get a choice of two comical endings, which allow you to either predict the position of the card in the deck or produce the selected card from the card case! With huge potential for comic by play, this is bound to be a hit with modern day audiences everywhere.

I Say

Simple, but brilliant.

You have three (count 'em!) cards selected and manage to lose all of them.
With no idea what the three cards are you get increasingly more and more angry before apologising to all present for getting out of hand.
You show the ASBO you received just last week - issued for failure to find a card.
But we all learn something from our ASBOs... and this ASBO tells you the first card and helps you find the next two, each reveal that bit more magical than the last.

Very contemporary (ASBO instead of Insurance Policies) and genuinely funny.

If you're into comedy magic, or even fancy a funny and different reveal - get this.

It costs £10, but based on £1 per usage, this will be potentially worth 100s of pounds


Alright, I know the creator - but I wouldn't say it was good unless it was!
Sturdy 9/10 for me!

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Postby Lyndon Webb » Apr 27th, '08, 18:11

Thank You,
I just wonder how that would go down at the Rotary :wink:

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