Die Cipher II

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Die Cipher II

Postby psilo » Jan 5th, '04, 08:50

The Effect

The magician presents a fully examinable brass casing with a die inside to the audience. An audience member is then asked to place any number they want face up (or face down; you should specify), seal the container and place it back in the magicians hand- whom by the way is not looking.

The magician then spins the container and guesses the correct number... every single time.


It cost me $40 in Canadian Dollars so I guess around 15-25 pounds?

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

** No sleights
** Very easy to learn, within minutes
** Very good for gambing :twisted:


This is so easy to do. It takes 5 minutes to learn the "secret" to the container but after that its childs play. Compared to Die Cipher I, its incredible and the best part is unlike Die Cipher I it is fully examinable.



** Should come with nice carrying case and all!
** Very fancy looking

Can I please be allowed in the private area yet?

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Postby Mandrake » Jan 5th, '04, 10:58

a) Thanks for the review.
b) No, not yet!

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Postby BaBaBoom » Jan 5th, '04, 11:20


thanks for the review :)

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jan 5th, '04, 14:35

i had this and heartedly recomend this, the spinning bit upset me at first but with the right wording is as subbtle as a die :lol:

worth the money realy is its a two stage process first stage is so subtle that you wont even realise your doing it somthing I'm going to be adding back to my colection soon as possible, no one comes close to guessing the secrets yet and you know how mad kids get at finding things out.

in case you didnt get the subtle hint then:-

buy buy buy it man


Postby psilo » Jan 8th, '04, 17:00

you dont necceissarily have to spin it, once you get the feeling for it down-the spin isnt needed at all.

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Postby davidbod » Jan 8th, '04, 18:40

I've done this loads of times in conjunction with some by play using a large dice projuced from the Just in Case gimmick (see another thread) and heartily recommend it.

If you want something more direct for a repeat performance, just get the spectator to say the numbers 1 to 6 in random order. You'd be AMAZED how often they blink, twitch or otherwise "tip off" their chosen number. Of course, you knew it anyway but you use the 'tell' as your explanation for the effect. (I very much subscribe to the 'magic shouldn't be too perfect' theory).

You do need to come up with some "plot" for this otherwise it does become one of those dull multi-out brass tricks. Note: if you put the emphasis on your performance and not on the dice, no-one will suspect anything EVEN IF you handle the case. I usually put the case in the little silk blue (provided) and give it to another spectator to be an impartial judge.

Highly recommended!

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Postby mistress of magic » Apr 7th, '04, 23:07

I recently purchased this effect and ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!!!!
I'm still not sure how to go about revealing they're chosen number, I quite like the idea of getting them to say the numbers 1 to 6. Any more ideas?

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Postby magicdiscoman » Apr 7th, '04, 23:17

you could use the old number count wile checking there pulse or hand vibrations.
use a multiple out like have a number on the back of your tie, another one in your shoe......
if you can get loaded die for diferent numbers then you could roll there chosen number, die telepathy :wink: :wink: .
mark the number on a coin vanish it and have it reapear with there chosen number on it in a nest of boxes :wink: :wink:


Postby bananafish » Apr 8th, '04, 09:12

One way I like to do it is to tell them to answer "No" to each of the next questions, and from their body language you will be able to deduce the number.

Then ask.

Did you choose the number 1?
Did you choose the number 2?
Did you choose the number 3?
Did you choose the number 4?
Did you choose the number 5?
Did you choose the number 6?

Another way was as MagicDiscoMan suggested, and count the numbers whilst holding their wrist - checking their pulse....


ask the spectator to give you a random number between 1 and 1000, then pretend to do some mental arithmatic with it and then reveal their number.

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Postby magicdiscoman » Apr 8th, '04, 09:27

even spookier get there brother or sister to count as you check there pulse :shock: .
sibling telepathy ooo I'm getting scared now, especialy if ther holding hands oh the family humanity of it all makes you want to cry (tribute to j sankey there).


Postby Wmental » Jun 2nd, '04, 04:57

To develop the presentation of *Dice Cipher* I like place one prediction ( a number) that the spectator will choose in envelop.
After the espectator put de dice in box, i remove a prediction in the envelop, em show it to spectator, for example: " You will choose number 6". The box is opened and the predictions confirmed.
The effect is always fantastic!

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jun 2nd, '04, 11:01

wmental hi and welcome to the board please check out this link.
http://www.talkmagic.co.uk/ftopic1219.php age and profile link.

and for all thoughs who have the effect you dont need to do the spinny bit instead you can use some rock and roll :P


Postby Happy Toad » Jun 2nd, '04, 14:24

Or get Dieabolical instead. :lol:

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Postby tommydardar » Jun 14th, '04, 22:37

Haven't posted for a while, but will be trying to get back into the habit - I'd just like to say a big thank you for all the helpful reviews that have been cropping up here recently... most enlightening.

My own performance of die cipher is similar to the DB bullet and revolver trick - 'only less lethal'. Get a spectator to choose a number and put it into the casing, but make sure that none of the other spectators see which number is chosen by requesting no one looks. Then ask the first specactator if they are any good at poker. While this goes on let the other spectators pass the case round to ensure there is no possible way to discover which number has been chosen without opening the case. Then inform them that there is only one way to deduce exactly which number has been selected - 'a little psychology'. Tell the chosen spectator to take a deep breath, and count slowly from 1-6, and tell everyone to concentrate on the spectator's facial reactions whilst he/she counts. Then let all the other spectators have a guess as to which number has been chosen, before revealing the correct number yourself. If any of the spectators guess correctly, it only adds to the realism of the effect, while if they don't, the idea of being able to read someones choice by their reactions sounds to the laymen entirely plausible - and as a magician, you of course are exceptional at this, even against skilled poker players! Reveal the number and take the applause.

Never failed. Great trick - a great introduction to a set on mentalism.

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