Die Cipher II

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jun 15th, '04, 11:15

the great thing about this trick is that even if they think they have figured out half the trick the cant figure out the second half :wink: :wink:

my tip is to have the die-box returned to you in its little bag wile your back is turned, then turn around and hand it to a spec to keep safe, all the dirty work being done under there noses, even kids get it.
but i sugest you get them to draw the spots on a piece of paper on an easle just for security.


Postby KODs_righteye » Jun 15th, '04, 11:18

This looks like a great trick, and im thinking about purchasing it. But I have one question, what is the difference between the two versions?

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Postby bananafish » Jun 15th, '04, 11:34

The difference is that II works a lot better and is easier to use than one, so just assume that one doesn't exist any more.

If you really are interested though check out The Diabolical Die as well, as you may feel this suits you better. They are both very similar.

http://www.talkmagic.co.uk/ftopic3148.p ... die+cypher

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Postby Happy Toad » Jun 15th, '04, 11:42

Yeah I'd highly recommend Dieabolical, it's definitely better than version 1
of DiceCipher, I'm not certain how version 2 is different. They may well now be the same but Dieabolical is a lot cheaper from Wand.

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Die-Ception 2

Postby Martin Le Guerre » Jun 16th, '04, 23:22

Great trick. Straight into my top 5. Had my fellow (magically inclined) mates in the pub fooled and they had their paws all over it for an hour and even then only a couple of them came anywhere close.

Best thing I've discovered, is with practise, you don't need to even look at it, or turn it over, when you get it back from your chosen victim. Just hold it in your hands and look into their eyes as you tell them their number. It really freaks them out. You can do the 'mind reading' so subtly right in front of them and they don't even see you doing anything!

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Die Cipher II

Postby m_itzko » Jun 29th, '04, 18:14

Hi everybody,
I was interested in getting Die-Cipher, and was wondering how long will it take me to master its working? is the gimmick in the die or the brass case? what are the reactions you are getting from it?

Thanks. Bye

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Postby Mandrake » Jun 29th, '04, 18:26

I'm afraid you won't find any details of the secrets or inner workings posted here so don't be surprised at the lack of information! All we can say in an open forum is that it works very easily and almost automatically once you know how and why etc. I reckon it's worth the investment as such solid brass props usually impress the spectators and it's a change from cards, ropes or the more usual type of magic effects performed. Hope that helps!

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jun 29th, '04, 19:40

just to clear up a few things i have done some research and some consulting with a few supliers and i can shed this amount of light in open forum:-

diecipher 1 and 2 are the same product, version two has been slightly reworked to make the tell tail stages finer and much less obviouse and stage two now almost works itself, it is possible to do a full reading with the box sat on the table most of the time :wink: .

diabolical is mid way between dicipher one and two in its revelation and is best used in the bag when your back is turned with a bit of rock and roll music, its also cheeper than both dieciphers and avalable from loonybin :wink: :D .

oh and mr m. its both and the bag also sorry i cant be more specific.


Postby Happy Toad » Jul 6th, '04, 09:42

Just as an aside MagicDiscoMan, I never use the bag, I simply take it from them and hold it, while I carry on with the presentation, which in my case is as I've already said, all about lying. As a result there is no direct attention on the die box for a while, although it is held in such a way as to be clearly visable at all times.

Personally I think putting it in the bag is illogical as the whole point of the brass box is to cover the die and I think no one is going to think that the thin bag will be helpful in stopping you see through the brass, but might think it could be used to hide you do some of sneaky move.

It's a bit like putting a prediction in an envelope and then in another envelope, can't see the point unless there is a possibility you can see through the first one.

"Hodge scored for Forest after 22 seconds - totally against the run of
play" (Peter Lorenzo)
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Postby magicdiscoman » Jul 10th, '04, 07:51

fair point, its just my handling of the beasty, as its all done with my back turned, the reading is done in the time it takes me to turn around and give it back to the spec.
then i take a pen and paper and devine the number useing standard daren brown techniques, :wink: :wink: , which meens i can follow on to do some super sharpie divinations too.


Postby ijohan » Oct 3rd, '05, 17:25

In Indonesia, the price is US$17.5, it's made in Thailand. Well made. Friend of mine who is a mechanic can tell the secret by trying and looking, only him though.

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Postby I.D » Aug 22nd, '07, 15:46

I got mine for £17.99 fro Prudhoe magic on ebay..

My thoughts

You receive a BEAUITIFUL brass box and a matching die which has diamonte crystals in it for spots.. a little exaggerated but it looks like that :shock:

The method is very very simple. Spectators could study this for hours and be none the wiser making this completely examinable. You dont even need to handle the box to establish the number :shock: yet there is no peek whatsoever, you certainly cant see through the box, you dont need to feel the box or even look at the box!!

This effect no doubt will have a very strong impact on spectators, as there is NO way you could decipher the number they chose, and yet, under impossible conditions.. you do.. time and time aghain. You could repeat the effect, changing the method slightly, to really blow them away.

This has to be one of my best purchases, and there has been a few!! :wink:

A solid 10/10.. how can I fault this.. it even comes in a shiny bag to carry around in :D

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Postby cessna » Aug 22nd, '07, 21:13

I got this last week from the same supplier as I.D's too.
It's simplicity and being clean throughout the effect makes this one of my favourite tricks i own.

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Postby Gary Dickson » Sep 30th, '07, 07:11

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and happy.

I acquired this effect recently and I've been roadtesting it.

First off, it is a simple system, easy to memorize. The handling is very nice. It works like a charm.

I would reccommend brasso (or similar) as a means of keeping it looking beautiful and shiny but also because after a little time marks appear on
certain points on the item which may tip off the spectator. Also, I'm sure keeping it polished, or at least clean, will keep the action smooth. Yeah, brasso all round really.

I decided to use bananafish's patter as my starting point. Cheers bananafish!

I take a quasi psychological approach. I ask a couple of inconsequential but odd questions. I follow bananafish's patter (getting the spec to answer no to six questions). Once that is done, I act a little unsure and say I think I've narrowed it down to two numbers which I name..One of these numbers is the spec's. I then get them to answer two questions but to answer yes. Once that is done I do the reveal.

I really like this effect. Already it has established itself in my repertoire. The handling I described takes a few minutes but the spectators love it. After the first couple of questions (Did you choose number 1?" etc) they think they know what you're doing. You're trying to read them! Suddenly it becomes a contest. People will put loads of effort in trying to fool you. Of course, this contest has to be handled skillfully. It's not a real contest. I like to pretend that I'm having difficulty reading the spec. You know, ham it up.

I would recommend this to any working professional. It's a gem.

As someone who is taking there first steps into mentalism items like this are very helpful. I'm able to practice my acting skills. Pump the spec's for info. Conduct my own experiments in calibrating people with a view to tailoring scripts to suit people's different sensory response mechanisms so that the experience for them is a thing of mystery, drama, wonder and beauty.

Er, so go and buy it.

If I'm feeling egotistical enough I'll stick my full script in the routines section.

All the best

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Postby FRK » Oct 10th, '07, 20:58

Gary Dickson wrote:First off, it is a simple system, easy to memorize. The handling is very nice. It works like a charm.

Well I memorize it, leave it on the side for a bit, pick it up only to find I have forgotten the system again.. anyone have a simple method or rule of thumb I can use?


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