Stained Skin Review

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Stained Skin Review

Postby goodismyname » May 9th, '08, 22:18

The Effect

You take a card then a zippo lighter. You light the card on fire, it vanishes...the card finally appears embedded on your skin. This is only one effect out of thousands limited only by your imagination.


Kind of pricy $3-$7 for a pack of four that lasts about four days each.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

3, they are only as hard as you make them. If you choose to do some of the bigger and better effects it might be a 5. Likewise if you do a smaller effect it might be a 2.


Really I like these, they give that "stunned" feeling to people. However, sometimes people guess what the secret is and they are usually right. The thing I really love about these is there varity to do whatever you want with them. With one "stained skin" you can do at least 5 different effects/reveals with them. They also can be used at a moment's notice (if one is on you) and they are great "life savers". They are really pricy like I said earlier $3-$7 a pack lasts you 1/2 a month and that is only for one kind of stained skin. Another thing I like about them is they can go on anything not just your skin. Imagine throwing a deck of cards at a water bottle and the spectator's card image is imbedded onto the water bottle.


8/10 (because I'm cheap) the only bad things about it is the price and people guess what it is. But, other then that it is great!

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Postby bronz » May 12th, '08, 09:06

Is this basically the card temporary tatoos? They gave a pack away free with the Reel Magic before last if that's the case, they're ok and last about as long as any of those transfer tatoo things really. Like any sort of reveal it's all limited by your imagination, a mate of mine came up with a nice looking routine with a blank card and a sort of 'elbow erdnase' to make it look as if the face of the card comes off onto your arm. Should flog it to E actually, it's a darn sight closer to 'slowly and visually' than anything else they advertise as that.

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Postby goodismyname » May 12th, '08, 23:21

Hmm ya i suppose so. Although these are not just cards but ya you got the idea. It is also pretty much the same as Penguinmagic's bruised.

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