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Candle of Shangrila -

Postby magikmax » May 22nd, '08, 15:48

The Effect

A flat square box is opened and displayed inside and out. Two sides each have three holes. Each hole has three colors that match three supplied scarves. The scarves are threaded through the box and out the opposite side. Show the inside of the tube by tilting it forward and the audience can see the scarves COMPLETELY FILL the box. There is just no space left in the box. take a large lit candle and pass it through the scarves and out the other SIDE! WOW!

As the candle passes through the box the scarves are clearly visible from the outside. After passing the candle through the box, the scarves are removed and displayed to show they are unharmed! ... O20&cat=36

Cost: Available from for £15.99

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only) 1 - easy


My wife does Candle Lite parties in her spare time. I thought it would be a nice idea for her to incorporate a simple magic trick involving a candle into her evening, and I thought that this would tick the boxes...Nice idea, fancy name, but unfortunately, the Candle of Shangrila is let down by very poor quality workmanship. You receive a heavy gimmicked cardboard tube, 3 'silks' and the instructions. You need to source your own tapered candle, but that's no big deal. Unfortunately, the tube isn't very well made, and after only a few practises, my tube is already showing signs of cracking at the sides. Nothing that a bit of black electrical or duct tape wouldn't fix - but I'd expect better. The method is actually very clever, and you can show the inside of the tube before, during and after the trick, even at close range, although you cannot actually give it to anyone to examine.

The second quality issue comes with the silks themselves. They're like those plasticy tea towels you get at the seaside that are rubbish for drying dishes - these aren't really silks, they're just silk-like clothes, and are again finished poorly. There's nothing to stop you from borrowing three headscarfs, neckscarfs or hankies, that sort of thing, but if you want to do it with proper silks, or use the silks for anything else, you'll need to buy some proper ones.

The instructions are very basic, they tell you how to accomplish the magic, and in what order to do things, but that's about it, which to be honest, is all you'll really need with this.

One problem with the prop is that it doesn't come with a base to hold to tube in place. As it packs flat, it tends to move around a little bit too much when you're putting the silks it - especially the ones provided, a simple decorative base would have solved this. You could easily make one yourself if desired, but you would be better off making a new tube while you're at it.

what the blurb says:

Easy to do. - correct.

No false pieces of material. They really pass through the box! - correct.

The box is clearly shown inside and out. Packs small and plays HUGE! - correct.

Box folds down so you can fit the this stage worthy trick in your briefcase. - correct, however, a few days worth of folding and you'll have to repair the box!

The element of fire makes this a true mystery. - correct.

The candle is real and can be examined at any time! - correct.

Candle is seen to burn in the center of the box not to the front or sides! - Correct.

Overall: I'd give the idea 7/10, but due to the poor workmanship, only 4/10 overall I'm afraid. There are other similar effects on the market - JB Magic sells one, which looks a lot better, and is only £10 more expensive. If this was a metal or wood tube, or if the silks were of higher quality, then this would have scored higher. As it is, unfortunately flawed, and best avoided.

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Postby Lenoir » May 22nd, '08, 19:18

Sounds pretty fun, good for the type of thing your wife is into.
There is nothing worse than bad workmanship. I've bought several gimmicks in the past which were genius ideas, but seemed to have been glued sloppily together at the last minute! :evil:

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re Candle of Shangri-La

Postby magicnevin » May 24th, '08, 16:34

Hello magikmax

I am sorry that you are not absolutely delighted with this trick. Please email us with the order details and we will arrange a credit note for you.

We stocked this trick several years ago and then could not get them any more. We have recently started dealing with a new supplier who stocked them so we added them to our inventory again. We are currently out of stock of this trick and waiting for some more to arrive. We will double check the quality of the new batch. It could be that the quality has dropped since we last stocked this trick!

I look forward to hearing from you soon

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Postby Replicant » May 24th, '08, 16:40

That's a generous offer from Max. I've used Magic Nevin several times and they have always provided excellent service; I have recently stopped asking for a free gift because I feel guilty! Their price match policy is already very good and coupled with the fact that I get free postage, it doesn't feel right to be asking for free gifts every time I find the same thing cheaper elsewhere. I'm just happy for them to match the price; the only other dealer to offer this service is Magicbox (who are also excellent).

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Postby magikmax » May 24th, '08, 20:59

it is indeed. I have used Magic Nevin myself several times, and have always been happy with what I received, I previously reviewed the French Arm Chopper and Tailspin that I ordered from them, and found them both to be excellent value for money. In fact, the French Arm Chopper has more than paid for itself many times over, I use it in most of the shows I do(as part of my Rocky Raccoon routine), and always gets a brilliant reaction

I have also had previous questions answered promptly, looks like their customer service is also top notch. Thanks very much indeed Max, I'll be in touch.

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Postby pcwells » May 24th, '08, 22:24

I have nothing but good things to say about Magicnevin. The quality of customer service alone is enough to make me a faithful customer, but the prices are often killer too. I'm a fan.

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Postby magicdiscoman » May 24th, '08, 23:31

excelent people even when i unknowingly paid by e-cheque through paypal they still shipped early so i could meet my show deadline, top marks all around.


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