Mighell Illusions "Gibiceire"

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Mighell Illusions "Gibiceire"

Postby magicalneil » Jun 8th, '08, 12:03

Name: Mighell Illusions "Gibiceire"

Available from: prudhoemagic.co.uk (UK) mighellsillusions.com (US)

Price: £42.00 / $82.95 / €53.50 (going on current exchange rates only)

Maker: Mighell Illusions

Examinable: n/a

Difficulty: n/a

Out of 10: 1

Effect Gibiceire

Comments This is not what I would class as a Gibiceire. Its absolutely rubbish. The description on the website is that it has plenty of space when in fact it doesn't. It is one piece of leather folded in half. When the bag is worn round your waist you cant even get your hand in it properly let alone get anything out of it.

I am well and truely disappointed and won't be buying anything from Mighells again, no matter what it is.

TBH it looks like a market traders money pouch.


Have since ordered one from Frank at theambitiouscard.com

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