Mirage Coin Set by Craig Petty

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jul 30th, '08, 17:02

:shock: :D


Postby Rob » Aug 1st, '08, 10:56

Well, my Mirage set finally arrived yesterday (how on earth I survived the wait is anybody's guess :wink: )

Although I haven't had very much time so far to play around, I have watched some of the performances on the DVD's, and they look completely astounding :twisted:

I'll post a more comprehensive review once I've given the set the time it deserves!


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mirage coin set

Postby chachee » Nov 21st, '09, 20:29

i have had this set for a while now and must they are top stuff!! the only problem i had was a little bit of "talking". if anyone else is suffering with this drop me a pm and i'll tell you how i overcame the problem.

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