G-Force by emagic supply

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G-Force by emagic supply

Postby DrTodd » Jul 13th, '08, 11:16


For UK customers, this works out at £50.00

http://www.emagicsupply.com/gforce-anti ... -p-32.html

The video looks great and you can achieve the same effect with the product.

It comes in a nice protective package with a good set of instructions to give you a variety of presentation ideas...


The ad copy claims no threads, no magnets, and no bull***....there are no threads and no magnets, but I would argue a small amount of bull****, otherwise we would all be levitating forks :lol:

The item needs careful spectator management and you need a setting where the fork does not look out of place as compared to the other dinner ware on the tables...if you are table hopping and use it, I am not sure how you get past the question,

'can you do that with my fork?'

you could take their fork and do a bend, but you could not replicate G-Force...

So, where does that leave us?

I say use it for stage and parlour presentations and combine it with other effects...you can levitate to the fork on a matchbox, playing cards, cigarettes...anything really and you can pass a woman's bracelet over the fork like a proper stage illusion...

In my own presentation, I will be using a Tibetan singing bowl as an introduction to the concept of resonance frequency, which can travel from one item to another and allow a simple object to levitate, etc., etc., etc...

Overall, the construction is amazing, the effect looks amazing, and it will go down well with your audiences, if you take care and heed the advice in the instructions and watch how you perform it.

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