The Crazy Man's Handcuffs

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The Crazy Man's Handcuffs

Postby Jing » Jan 16th, '04, 17:46

This is one of my favourite tricks and first got me intrigued in magic. Here's my review.

The Effect
A rubber band is stretched between the index finger and thumb of the left hand, and a second rubber band, dangling from the right index finger is lowered into the half circle created by the left thumb and index finger. The right thumb moves into the loop of the band dangling from the right index finger. This locks the bands together, stretrched between the index fingers and thumbs of both hands. There seems to be no way the hands could seperate without taking the bands off the fingers, and yet that is exactly what happens. With no cover or confusion whatsoever, the rubber bands seem to melt apart, one strand at a time. The fact that it is repeated twice only adds to the mystery. Finally, the spectator himself holds onto one band, as the performer's band melts through it.

£8.95, you only get a small booklet - But it is easily worth it. ... ts_id=2928

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

3 - It took me quite a while to learn perfectly. You want to be able to perfrom this confidently. It's so good that you wouldn't want to expose any secrets. Excellent effect if you're willing to put in the practice time. With practice you can fool the world.

Brought to you buy World Sleight of Hand Champion and five time Academy of Magical Arts Award Winner.This is an excellent teaching guide by a magical masterand, Michael Ammar. He explains everything clearly and with excellent illustrations by Hannah Tucker. The workings of the trick have been stripped down to avoid any unnecessary moves and Michael gives ideas on patter and a routine to link (no pun intended) variations on the trick.

This effect gets amazing reactions. It's the trick that got me started in magic from seeing a table magician perform it on holiday. I spent weeks trying to figure it out. Pure misdirection, everyday objects, ungimmicked props are cheap and easily carried (all you need is two rubber bands), happens in the spectators hands, has a story to it and there are many different approaches to patter you can use. Absolutely Stunning!

The second method where the band is linked on their hands is particularly strong and unbelievable.

All i can say is if you like close-up magic, sleight of hand, tricks with everyday objects or rubber bands, and you haven't got this. Why not? Go out and get it.

To quote the back of the booklet...

"...a close-up illusion with ordinary rubber bands that would make the finest magicians in the world proud."

To reinforce what i've said here's a link about The Crazy Man's Handcuffs, started by me. ... +handcuffs


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Postby Happy Toad » Jan 16th, '04, 18:13

Good review. It's one of those tricks I promise I'll get around to some day :)

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Postby bananafish » Jan 16th, '04, 23:24

This is (IMO) a classic of magic, and seldom do I go anywhere without rubber bands (sorry Japanese Elasticated Transmorphigation devices) on my wrist or at least in my pocket.

I have the booklet, though I must confess that in this particular case I learnt a lot more about this trick (and many great variations) from Dan Harlans Magic with Elastic Bands DVD volume 1.

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Postby BaBaBoom » Jan 16th, '04, 23:45

I also carry them in my wallet, along with my coins and my obligatory prediction/card to wallet card :)

It is something that feels small when you first discover it but people never get tired of, or was that just me?

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Postby taneous » Jan 19th, '04, 05:46

Crazy Man's handcuffs has become one of my favourite close-up effects. The first time I learnt it was out of 'Elastrix', but the explanation wasn't very good so I had it all wrong. I then bought Michael Ammar's 'The magic of Michael Ammar' which explained it very well. I assume it's a similar explanation to the one mentioned in this thread..

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Postby MagicIain » Mar 5th, '04, 12:44



This trick arrived yesterday in the post, and having spent a good couple of hours solid last night practising and playing with my elastic bands, this trick has already blown everyone at work away already.

I work in a call centre at the moment, and I have not been able to stop performing it for my own amusement whilst talking to the punters on the phone.

It's getting to the stage now where I'm actually amazing myself because I can't even see how it's done!!!

Just wondering... is there an insurance company I can talk to about loss of earnings through playing with my magic at work? I gotta feeling I'm gonna be out of a job soon if I don't get on with the calls...

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Postby Midas Kid » Mar 5th, '04, 12:56

And once you have learnt how to do it with two rubber bands you can do it with (believe it or not) with just one.

I use it as a side gag if someone has seen Crazy man's or when someone says do it again.

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Postby MagicIain » Mar 5th, '04, 12:59

I don't get it... :?

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Postby juliaxyz » May 27th, '09, 09:13

How do you do this magic trick and what is it called? I am wondering how this magic trick is performed or where i can find information about it. Its the trick where the magician puts someone in a box and cuts them inhalf. What is this trick called??? I dont want to perform it or anything I am just curious

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Postby Mandrake » May 27th, '09, 10:10

One of the golden rules here is that we don't give out methods or secrets as they're not ours to share.

If you mean crazy man's handcuffs then use our Search function with Crazy Man's Handcuffs in the search string and there will be plenty of previous threads indicating where to learn. There are several books and plenty of PDFs, Videos, DVDs and downloads - they all cost varying amounts of money but usually contain a great deal more.

Sawing a Lady in Half has hundreds of permutations but any book of stage illusions should give you at least one method of performing it.

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Re: The Crazy Man's Handcuffs

Postby orihara » May 21st, '14, 10:18

Hey there I'm kinda bored so I tried your magic it took me a couple of hours guess I'm going to try it on some of my friends.


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