ultimate coin bag and multiplying watches

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ultimate coin bag and multiplying watches

Postby magicdiscoman » Aug 5th, '08, 15:19

The Effect
ultimate coin bag http://www.themagicattic.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=84&osCsid=ap6napd14goggncc0jo9pirm05
mutliplying pocket watches

Cost £3 & £15 respectivly, uk postage only £1 at the moment. :D

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
upto 3 for both.

the mesh coin bag is well made and is so designed that nothing will fall out when working and will accomodate upto a half dollar without trouble.
the multiplying pocket watches are definatly stage use only, look good at distance and are easy to work with.

the mesh bag is great for its price and comes with a page of ideas which though basic, give you plenty of other ideas for its use, ie your not limited to one coin.
the multiplying watches were a bit of a disapointment as they were not the same type as my origional set, which had a push to release mechanism.
thease are slide release and not sutable for close up work, perfectly usable but i'd recomend you treat the faces for longevity or replace for metal film. :wink:

ps as special thankyou to the magic attic crew for there assistance when my delivery was missdirected by my mistake, they whent above and beyond for me. :lol:


Postby wchua24 » Aug 7th, '08, 13:43

thanks for sharing this.. do you got videos of this too?

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Postby magicdiscoman » Aug 7th, '08, 15:08

no videos outherwise i would have orderd a difrent set of pocket watches but if you unsterstand the idea of palming coins for misers dream effects then your not far from this set.
http://www.etrickshop.com/General_Magic-Multiplying_Pocket_Watch_Deluxe.html this is what i was hopeing for.

I belive theres a dvd regarding the use of the coin bag in the review section and for £3 each it may be worth picking up a few for performances and keep the suplied one for practise.


Postby Mr Grumpy » Apr 9th, '11, 23:33

Appreciate the review but can't get links to work and having no experience of such bags, can't help thinking 'why would you put coins in a bag?'. Am just playing devil's advocate here! Am not criticising the effect, having never seen it. Just think it's an odd idea and am genuinely curious to know the context for this effect.

Actually I'm not really the type to need a context. If I was going to do a trick with Monopoly pieces (as discussed elsewhere on talkmagic) for example, I wouldn't worry about the 'why', I'd just say, 'Here, I've got these Monopoly pieces, let's do some magic with them!'

But then again, the fundamental difference is, although I'd feel fine about using Monopoly pieces and wouldn't feel the need to justify having them with me ("I'm a magician!"), I would at the same time feel a bit awkward about putting them in a bag. Why have I got a mesh bag???

Maybe I'm overthinking it. I guess I could just have them _stored_ in a big. No big deal....

As I said, I'm partly playing devil's advocate...

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Postby magicdiscoman » Apr 10th, '11, 00:32

that is true, the mesh bag is similar in operation to a egg bag but with a mesh front so you can see the coins in the bag.
my way of getting around this is to have some of my bunny coins in the bag and call the bag a rabbit hutch, the bag being much more logical than a okito box.
if you do a google search for attack of the bag by graig petty then you should get some demos and ideas for this bag.

since most uk coinage is unsuitable for coin magic and most coin gimmicks start out in american format it wasn't uncomon for uk magicians to use halfs and introduce them as special foreign coins with diferent properties to uk coins ie you could make them soft by rubbing them or they were actualy chinese coins reprinted, therfore introducing a box or bag wasn't seen as anything suspect as the coins were already special, hope that helps.


Postby Mr Grumpy » Apr 10th, '11, 10:36

I get it. It would be perfectly natural to have the coins stored in a bag.

Totally get when you mean about gimmicks starting as US too. I've bee using halves for most of my coin magic, as I wanted to do coin in bottle using Tango's _internal_ mechanism, which at the time was not available in sterling (it is now), and also Blackout.

I'm not sure what you mean about UK coins not being suitable. I guess before the £2 coin we didn't have a large coin, but the £2 isn't so different from the US half.

Will check out the Petty now.

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