Spinning Coin

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Spinning Coin

Postby Jobasha » Aug 15th, '08, 18:56

The Effect

From the blurb

The magician displays two 2p pieces. He then balances them one of top of the other', Edge to Edge and holds them for a few seconds. At each stage he offers them out for someone to have a go. Its impossible, (take my word for it) but it’s a good laugh watching them try it. He then says try this and lays one flat down on the edge of the other and says this is easy but you must keep your hand very still, and at this he moves is hand from side to side and the 2p still balances on top. He now holds one coin edge down and touches the other 2p to the bottom edge and keeps hold of the top coin and the bottom one spins around, he then blows on it and it spins rapidly. Again the coins are handed out. (again they fail) Your hands are shown empty at all times except for the two 2p pieces which are really being handed out for inspection at each stage.


£3 from the York Marketstall or £3.99 online

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

The balancing on the top in my case is very difficult as I have shaky hands, however balancing on the side is easy enough and having the second coin float underneath is straightforward.


This is a very simple trick involving two very common gimmicks, unfortanetly I don't want to expose so will try not to mention. I'm sure many of you will be award of it from many books on the subject of the particular gimmick used.

This is an incredibly basic trick, however I don't feel these little cheap thrills should be underestimated. I was happily playing around with it as I walked around balancing one two pence on top of the other as I walked around York today. I had that satisfying moment when a stranger was too busy distracted by me doing this that he walked into a bollard. When I was sat down playing with it getting frustrated trying to balance the two pence on top of the other it got a few gasps as well.



For three pounds it gave me two gimmicks that I use regularly anyway and are standard parts of most magicians basic kit they'd have on them most of the time. To give a hint I can also disappear silks, salt, etc with this. It was an effect I actually already had in a close up book I had already, but the prices of the gimmicks would be about £3 anyway. Hail to the wonders of cheap thrills.

8/10 as I have trouble balancing on the top edge.[/img]

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