Kozuch Gimmick

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Kozuch Gimmick

Postby Dragon74 » Aug 19th, '08, 06:13

The Effect

Make a goldfish or two appear from thin air!


$AU10 - $AU20 - I got mine from eBay.


3=Some sleights used,


Unbelievably easy to learn, awesome effective opener, great for adults and kids alike.

I had practised all day with a Sushi soy sauce fish (do you have them in the UK?), and performed the trick with a live fish for the first time in front of a few mates.
Needless to say, it wound up on the kitchen table, but is fine now. :lol:


Having paid for the gimmick, I guess it'd be easy now to say it's an easy item to knock up yourself. The real thing is a little flimsy in it's manufacture, but it does the trick.

On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the best, I'd give it a 9. Its right up there with the TT and flash cotton.

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Postby mgrant » Aug 22nd, '08, 21:27

I have this too.
It is like a tt in that it can be used in multiple ways. It is best to be used while holding an object like a glass or silk. In the right hands no one will notice a thing. In the wrong hands you might look suspicious. It is a utility item so the amount you find ways to use it the better you will probably like it. Fish might be the best use for it.

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Postby Dragon74 » Aug 25th, '08, 02:37

True mgrant. I used it as an opener, with a jug of water, then towards the end, asked the audience if he seemed lonely. It turned out he was, so another fishy was produced from flash paper...

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Postby zennon-ace » Sep 8th, '08, 09:27

i recenlt bought the fish production gimmick i did however but a goldfish to perform the effect it works very well just after some general advice how long would you reccommend having the fish in the *blank* before performance? any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Postby Chris » Sep 9th, '08, 13:55

having the fish in the *blank* before performance?

Get a small travel fish bowl and some fish stress coat, available from most pet stores, this keeps the fish comfortable and doesnt get it stressed from to much movement.

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Postby Dragon74 » Sep 12th, '08, 07:10

Yeah, I have a beaker they are placed into before performing, for ease of transport and loading, and I havent left the fish in #%$^&@! for over 5 minutes...

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