The Invisible Hand by Michel

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Postby DeadSweet » Apr 15th, '11, 14:26

This does indeed seem like a good buy, though a quick question as you mentioned it was intended for someone shorter - i am a LOT shorter than the average person (barely 5 foot) will i have problems with making this fit in my small jackets?

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Postby Andrew James » Apr 18th, '11, 12:13

The ball and paper bag routine was a bit like this.

He "showed" an invisible ball threw it up, and caught it in a paper bag, reached in and it was there, then gone, etc. It was in his hand, threw it at the floor and it dissapeared, he followed it's imaginary bounce up into the air then it landed back in the back.

It was great. Like an egg bag meets billiard ball toppit routine, but obviously using the invisible hand.

Actually, there is a trick on the dvd listing called Invisible Ball. Is that it?


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Postby Andrew James » Apr 24th, '11, 20:30

Does anyone have a second hand copy of this for sale?

I dont really need disc one as I learnt about the history in the lecture, disc three seems to be just for the (expensive) extra attachments you can buy. I only need disc two and want to learn one routine off it!

£65 is a bit excessive for one routine!


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Postby IanKendall » Apr 24th, '11, 22:21

Not if you use it, it's not.

Get the set, and then you'll find many other routines that you will want to use.


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Postby Mr Grumpy » Apr 24th, '11, 23:36

I'm such a dumbsy I don't even know whether this uses sleeves or not (I always perform with sleeves rolled up at the mo). Though either way I'm not sure I'd want to use anything that involves a bit of bulkiness. I can't help that I'm intrigued but it though.

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