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Postby zennon-ace » Aug 27th, '08, 10:27

Hi all,

just wanted to ask your honest oppinion on the use of jay sankeys bigger finish outside in the working world i tend to find it packs quite a punch to spectators and is quite a nice ending i was just just wanting some honest reviews from fellow magicians that use it in there regular set. personally in my opinion its a nice piece the dvd is well explained and teaches you a nice little move by vernon which can be used in many different effects. for comedy or impact revalation its a well made effect

PRICE 9/10

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Postby dimabbq » Aug 27th, '08, 20:03

A very good trick but i find i always want to give it away as a closer souvenir. But can't.

Shame USPCC don't sell a deck full of those cards.

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Postby Ian The Magic-Ian » Aug 27th, '08, 21:19

I think this should be in support and tips. If your going to review it there's a template you should follow. It's in one of the stickies in the review section.

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Postby zennon-ace » Sep 3rd, '08, 14:00

sorry about that i wasnt aware of the procedure of a review it was more of an enquiry i had but thanks for the advice.

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Postby Rufio » Oct 30th, '08, 12:30

The Bigger Finish has been reviewed already, and at the risk of obsequiousness, it has to be said that the TM review database does cover a comprehensive list of effects, books, videos, however; as many of you (I include myself in this) will often use magic forums as they are sometimes the only place to find impartial reviews, I recognise that it is useful to have more than one review.

The Effect

As performed by its creator Jay Sankey:


"What happened?!"

Dave, previously distracted by a conversation, suddenly glances over and notices his friend Davina laughing, holding an unfolded jumbo card. "What is it?!" he asks.

"This guy asked me to pick a card... it was the 10 of Hearts. I then chose 4 other cards: he put them in my hands and told me to squeeze them together really hard and they all stuck together and it became THAT card!"

Cost and Contents

Please note that the version of this is being sold with a DVD to teach you various handlings. I, however, went on Ebay and got the older version with instructions but without the DVD, so please bear that in mind.

Online prices start from about £12.99 but the highest price I've seen was one magic shop selling it for £16.99. In fairness this would come with the DVD, but the effect is so simple that written instructions suffice. Sankeymagic.com retails it for $17.50 but with overseas shipping at $14, it is not cost effective if you reside in the UK, especially given the exchange rate.

Although I have not watched the DVD for this effect, Sankey as a teacher is characteristically zany and no doubt the sleights taught would be of use to an absolute newbie as you could utilise the moves in other effects. However, for the novice, amateur hobbyist or professional, some may take the view that a DVD would be padding (or to justify £15 for the effect) as the written instructions speak for themselves. As the effect and its handling IS simple (but effective, for reasons outlined below), many of you will buy this effect for the gimmicks (2 gimmicks, one red one blue, of apparrently 4 Bicycle backed cards forming one jumbo card on the other side)


(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1 - 2. As stated, I have reviewed this on the basis of written instructions, but rest assured a DVD would not materially add anything other than repackaging. There is a basic handling, but the instructions themselves state that the effect is strengthened with the addition of the spectator choosing 4 further cards which are then (apparently) removed. This should be no problem for the beginner, but as with all effects, you should not overlook the requirement of getting your handling as natural as possible. Overall it's fiendishly and satisfyingly easy. Whilst you may think it's incredibly easy, however, the effect will be improved if you just give it a few goes in front of a mirror to see things from the spectator's perspectve.

Review: Pros and Cons

Speaking of the spectator's perspective, I think this is an effect in which we should take off our top hats and assess The Bigger Finish from a layman's view. Yes, it may be easy to work out the handling from the many Youtube performances, but realistically most of us will be unable to reproduce the gimmick needed. Other reviews have focused on the fact that this is very commercial. By that, it is very visual, quirky and, more importantly, fun.

The cons are that the workmanship and gimmick itself is not as I'd expect in that it is not made of Bicycle stock but, instead, made of non-playing-card card. It could have been manufactured to use Bicyle stock and accompanying finish. Personally, my decks can get quite dirty due to natural oil of the hands, use, dropping on the floor, etc. Accordingly the gimmick, brand new - you would think - sticks out like a sore thumb. This to some extent is countered by using a new deck. With some use the gimmick would naturally get "worn in" and match those middling condition decks. But again such considerations are simply examples of me thinking as a magician: to my mind the gimmick looks unnatural on the deck. BUT from a layman's view, as it unexpected, it is unlikely that it will be picked up on. In any case, even if your deck is incredibly dirty you can adjust your handling of the deck to accomodate so that it is undetectable.

Workability wise this is great because it's practical. Even the placing of the gimmick into position can be done naturally: it can easily be set up with some thought to routining. It ticks the packet effect box by being truly in the hands. Presentation wise you shoul ham this aspect up.

Whilst it is marketed as a quick one minute trick, I think the effect is improved if you pad it out. I have presented as a one minute trick, but experimented along the lines of "would you say you have a BIG imagination? Some people just have a teeny imagination... [whilst squeezing] come on, genuinely use that big imagination... squeeze!", etc.

As a hobbyist, however, i'd imagine that if you were a working pro the fact that some versions of this effect only come with the 10 of Hearts menas its repeatability is limited for table hopping. At least, thought should be given to when and where it is repeated. Whilst attention grabbing, it is easy for others to continously see a guy walking around and brandishing a 10 of hearts, which lessens the effect in those eyes. So in the fictional Dave and Davina situation above, BECAUASE it is attention grabbing, requests to repeat it should be diplomatically declined. Some versions, however, have a 2 of clubs in a different colour.

Overall, the cons have to be balanced with the overall effect (one of pure entertainment and enjoyment) in the audience's eyes. As this is strong, i'd give it 9 in spite of some disadvantages and not watching the DVD.

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