Magnetic Street Shells By WhitHaydn & Chef Anton

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Magnetic Street Shells By WhitHaydn & Chef Anton

Postby Chris » Sep 9th, '08, 13:53

Magnetic Street Shells By WhitHaydn & Chef Anton

The Effect: "the old pea under a shell routine" you know the one were you get done over by the person performing and loose all your dollar! Yep thats the one...

Cost : A little steep at around £50, but is very well made.

Difficulty : now this depends on the person, I find the moves required were almost secong nature, but then my missus tried and failed miserably, so I cant really scale it as such...say 5/10 on difficulty?

Ah I forgot, the instructions with this are fairly basic...ud think for £50 theyd have some routines in, but your on your own...If youve not use the shells before,the method is simple, but get a book for a routine it will help no end!


Ok so I had a set of shells years ago that I exchanged for a coin unique...Why.....I have no idea....these shells I have now however are far suprior to what I previously ownd...They come with a nice suede bag and 4 normal peas 2 solid peas and 2 magnetic peas...Yes folks the shells have some nice magnets in them, lovely stuff for some extra kickers at the end of the routine...

I have loved this effect for years and its fun to practice to...My missus sat about two inches from my hands and still couldnt see "what I was up to"

Ok so this is not one for everybody, but you should at least own a set!

I got this through Mr Reyes at Magicshop....and am having much fun scamming my missus...

Overall 9/10 the reason for not being a 10 is, nothing can be the best effect cos theres always someone doing it better...Overall though, a timeless classic.....Simple and effective...

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