Dreamweaver by Enchantment: Review

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Dreamweaver by Enchantment: Review

Postby ricecake9 » Sep 21st, '08, 00:58

To start off, I had previously purchased Abyss the revolutionary coin in bottle from Enchantment, and that was a great product, so I had high hopes for Dreamweaver, where safety pins link. LINK I TELL YOU! :) It didn't dissapoint. I'll give an analysis of the phases:

Phase 1: LINK: This is a simple and astonishing link. You hold the two safety pins and make circular motions. You let go... and they're linked. They truly are linked. It doesn't just look linked. DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 1

Phase 2: UNLINK: Same as Phase 1, only the pins unlink. DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 1

Phase 3: LINK: You just slam 1 bar of the safety pin on top of the other, and they link. This one will take practice. Many a times I pick up saftey pins. Many a times I stab myself... DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 3.5

Phase 4: UNLINK: You Just pull the linked pins apart and the metal just melts. Easy, simple, beautiful. DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 1.5

Phase 5: LINK: AMAZING!!!! I love this one! SOOOO easy. This one, you hold one pin (Only one of them), you set the other pin hanging on top, and you tilt and...they link right at the last moment! SOOO visible! If I posted a video of the reactions I get from this, I'd need a bleep machine! DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 1

Phase 6: LINK: This one, you link the 2 pins to a 3rd one. I don't mean like in triangle fashion. I mean in "rope" fashion. I don't like it. I leave this out when I perform. Why? It uses a gimmicked pin. The gimmick is so obvious, even from 3 feet away, even to an unitiated lay-person. DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 1

Phase 7: LINK: Unlinking the pin from phase 6. Don't like this either, because it uses the obvious gimmick. DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 1

Phase 8: UNLINK AND LINK: You simply pull a pin off, then throw it back on in midair. Some laypeople know how this is done though, and some will figure it out even if you perform it perfectly. Although, if the person doesn't know how you did it, you will need another bleep machine...

Phase 9: UNLINK: Similar to Phase 4. DIFFICULTY OUT OF 5: 3

You then have cleanup, but the spectators watch you "cleanup", and they never know that you were "cleaning up". You then can hand out the pins for inspection. You actually give the spectators what they think was the 3rd safety pin (the gimmicked one), but you give them a normal one instead.

This is Kind of angly. If you perform it for people 45 degrees to either side of you (90 degrees in all), you're in the clear. You could probably go 110 degrees (55 degrees on either side) max. Then it starts to get dangerous. Although I personally wouldn't feel comfortable going any more than 45 degrees on either side.

It also includes some additional links and unlinks, a nice touch.

For only $15 dollars (I live in the us. Roughly 8 euros. Or does the Uk use pounds...Sorry, I forget) This is a steal. BUY IT!!!!! :D

Includes all the safety pins, plus the extra gimmicked, and extra examination one, so technically if it took you 1 second to practice, you could perform this immediately after opening the box.

Constructive criticism on my reviewing, please.

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Postby Lenoir » Sep 21st, '08, 11:11

We have a review template which makes it a lot easier to compare to similar products.

I always use bold at the start of each section in my reviews so people can skip to the bit that concerns them.

Other than that, nice review1 :wink:

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Postby bananafish » Sep 21st, '08, 11:20

I'll echo what Lenoir says - nice review but it would be easier to read if you used the template. Also - no real need to add a poll. All review are useful - as they offer another person's perspective.

two basic rules theough - always search for an existing review first and if there is one, add to that thread, and use the template

Dreamweaver also reviewed here
http://www.talkmagic.co.uk/ftopic2426.p ... reamweaver

I look forward to reading more of your reviews

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Postby ricecake9 » Sep 21st, '08, 23:13

Well, as you can clearly see, I'm new. I didn't know there was a such function...anyway, I'll follow that. Umm....Goodbye? :)

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Postby Mandrake » Sep 22nd, '08, 00:05

Not goodbye, merely see you later?

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