Body Language by Charles Gauchi

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Body Language by Charles Gauchi

Postby Card Detective » Sep 28th, '08, 13:25

I like this very much as it can be performed surrounded, close up and instantly resets. I should say that it could be performed in cabaret or stage also.
Max Maven had something very similar.

Four coloured balls and one black ball are placed in a bag. Five spectators in turn reach into the bag and take out one ball each. Nobody knows which colour ball they are holding. The performer is always in control and knows the location of the black ball.
Handling is simple with the necessary props supplied and all can be given to presentation. All can be examined.
No electronics as in some very expensive similar effects and well worth it at the original price. Now it sells for sixty pounds because it now comes with a DVD. I bought it before the DVD and haven´t missed it but I guess it must contain presentational ideas.
I prefer it to Eye to Eye.

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Postby bananafish » Sep 28th, '08, 13:53

also reviewed Here

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