Meteor Paddle

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Meteor Paddle

Postby flashman » Oct 13th, '08, 18:11

Brian Greer’s Meteor Paddle

The Effect
Boldly Going Where No Paddle Effect Has Gone Before!
The magician displays a small black paddle with a clear handle. Covering one end of the paddle are three removable leather sleeves, each with a single yellow dot in its centre. Somehow, as the sleeves are openly removed and replaced on the paddle, the yellow dots magically appear and disappear, jumping onto the paddle and off again! In the final part of the three-phase routine, all three dots magically leap from the paddle to one sleeve, gathering in a cluster.
The handling is so clean that your audience won't be able to tell which is dancing more-the dots or their eyes! Easy to perform, the Meteor Paddle takes the paddle effect to a new dimension.
Comes complete with the paddle, sleeves and detailed instructions.

Cost £15.23

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

It’s the paddle move again (the clue is in the name) so I’d say a 1 or a 2

Review I’ve had this paddle for over a year now. Made of black perspex with a clear perspex handle it feels fairly robust. The leatherette sleeves are lined with black felt so they slide over the paddle smoothly, yet have enough grip to stay put when you need them to. It practically lives in my pocket and so far there’s very little signs of wear and tear, which isn’t bad going considering the use and abuse it’s taken. Instructions are also clear and well presented.
The colour scheme of the paddle is perhaps it’s biggest strength - the bright yellow dots really ‘zing’ out against the black background, making the appearances/disappearances visually very bold, and the spectator is left in no doubt about the changes taking place. Holding the removable sleeves in one hand and the paddle in the other gives you acres of scope for misdirection (if you want it), and if you do the routine at a brisk pace with a steady stream of confusing patter about ‘spots and dots being here and there and everywhere’ you’ll be walking away whistling whilst the specs are still wondering where the first spot went…

Overall Well, like marmite, I guess either you love paddles or you don’t. I’ve always found this prop to be a great thing to pull out and perform as an introduction to doing other tricks (when people say “do that again”, I tell them I’m sworn under pain of death never to do the same trick twice…. “But here’s an ordinary deck of cards…”). Is it more of a kiddies trick? Undoubtedly they get a big kick from it but that doesn’t mean it should be relegated to your drawer containing breakaway wands and sponge bunnies. I’m probably biased though - on holiday in Santorini this year the hotel owners gave me a free G&T every night if I did this trick (and they’d seen David Copperfield in Athens!!).
A rating is always going to be a subjective thing and quite honestly you probably already know whether a simple paddle prop is something that’s suited to your performance style…. But if it is then I reckon it’s a 9/10

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