Ultrasmoke 2000

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Ultrasmoke 2000

Postby Chris Tennant » Nov 13th, '08, 17:26

Filling in a request from King_07_5P4D3S

The Effect
This is from 'E':

* New and improved custom manufactured disposable smoke cartridges.
* Each cartridge produces 300-500 big puffs of smoke.
* Instantly repeatable. No reset at all.
* Very easy to operate.
* Safe. Produces no heat. No ignition required.
* Reliable. Very low maintenance.
* No angle problems.
* Made from the finest laboratory grade material for superior performance and extra-long life


$54.25 for the refill

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

2, there are no real sleights or angle problems so long as you are careful but it can be fiddly to use.


I bought this on the high promise of simple smoke to aid the effect of colour changes and coin vanishes. When I got the product I was, I admit a little disappointed to see so little for the huge sum of money I paid for it.
Set-up did take about 3/4 of an hour the first time but it can be removed easily and once you are used to it can be set up again in around 10 mins.
You will need a jacket for this one, I also purchased Justin Millers notes on the devise and although there is mention of a non-jacket version I would be very wary of it.
Using the devise will take getting used to, it is not very comfortable to wear and it may show some residue on dark coats. This will not stain but can look a bit strange to the audience...
The smoke is very nice and you do get a lot in one re-fill, but it will need to be used sparingly to get the most out of it. The smoke does have a smell to it as there are chemicals involved however rest assured they are kept well away and there is no heat or electrical appliance used.
It is largely a silent device there can be a small noise heard if it is a quiet room but its no louder than a card being dropped on a floor so I would not worry about it.


Overall its a nice effect but for me it is too clumsy and too uncomfortable to wear about plus part of the set-up is prone to rust which is annoying but you can replace those bits for pennies.

I would give this a 6/10 for the above reasons.


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Chris Tennant
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Re: Ultrasmoke 2000

Postby Johnny Wizz » Nov 13th, '08, 23:13

Chris Tennant wrote:I would give this a 6/10



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Johnny Wizz
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Postby Chris Tennant » Nov 13th, '08, 23:26

For the reasons I put in the Overall section, I have modified the post to suit.
Sorry for any confusion.


Chris Tennant
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Postby Matthew Garrett » Dec 4th, '08, 11:49

The smoke is very nasty if ingested. (I believe the reaction is hydrochloric acid and amnonia).
It certainly stains jackets and I wouldn't advise using it in any expensive jacket. It is corrosive and can rust not only the safety pins holding it but when I was using it the scissors in my pocket rusted too.
The effect is great though. Very simple to operate and adds something extra to your magic.

Matthew Garrett
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Postby Illusionart » Dec 15th, '08, 14:46

There are other smoke producing devices, some do not produce the same amount of smoke or the same look of smoke, I must say that it does look great, but the dangers are too great.

I would look at all the options before buying this, it all depends on what sort of performer you are.

It can add a really nice magical effect to your magic, but it can also ruin your clothes and other things.

Check out,

Hells smoke by Panda Magic.

Little smoke

Mini smoke

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