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Ultra Perfect Clipboard -Nelson

Postby Chris » Nov 18th, '08, 12:46

Ultra Perfect Clipboard -Nelson - £89.99


This incredibly versatile piece of magic can be used almost anywhere.
This clip board can secure written questions submitted by the spectator without any chance of detection.
The fantastically accurate wood finish made by a secret process will leave your audience with no suspicions.
The finish gives a perfect appearance as well as perfect impressions every time.
The device is sure fire and easy to load.

Over the decades many impressionist boards have appeared (and vanished),
but the Ultra Perfect Clipboard has survived the test of time and has outlasted all of its competitors.
The reason for its longevity is simple.....this clipboard is the best on the market.

Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)


http://www.magicshop.co.uk/p893/Ultra_P ... _info.html


Ok so Ive got a few gigs coming up over the next few months, and insteas of doing peeks or billets, I thought I go for some
pre-show...Its something ive been meaning to do for a while, what with Mr Brooks the gift, but havnt got around to it.

So I have been wanting a good impression device for some time, and have been umming and arring for ages, ive made a few myself
and although they do what I want, they just didnt look "normal" and the impression wasnt always so good.

However the reason I was persuaded by this board is due to the fact that Banachek had credited its use and quality...

Now the price is rather on the dear side, but come to think of what you can acheieve with the board, and how much it will get, it kinda
pays for itself.

On arrival of the board I took it straight out the bag and studied it for about ten minutes to see what a "lame eye" might be able to see..
I couldnt spot a thing...I showed a few people this at the Tab meeting on Saturday, and again, they didnt even realise it was a gimmiced board.

So in regards to what you get in the box-

A very very stealthy normal looking wooden clipboard, some of the extra (which all impression devices use) and obviously the instructions.
Now although there are routines inside, I wasnt overly amazed by them, but then a prop like this is best if you come up with your own
effects...I already had stuff in mind hence the purchase... The gimmic I will give 10-10 for the way it looks feels and handles, its flawless...

I used it last night at a potential job interview i had for an events company, and the on arrival got the guy there, to write some info down
for a "social experiment" and seal it in and office evelope and put it in his draw...Now after a lenghy meeting and very little effects being performed
i left the building...On the way home I texted him what he had wrote "and got me a job :)"

So overall folks a great piece of kit...


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Postby Ray Noble » Jan 5th, '09, 23:06

Glad that you got the gig and that the board looks and performs well. I use a Riggs clip board and also like it.

Per-show can be tricky, but with a good IMP device you are already hitting a home run.


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Postby Craig Browning » Jan 6th, '09, 04:46

Chris, you really need to go to Riggs and get a Hornet or his Delux unit... you can catch your info right in front of the mark in real time and once you get used to handling it, you can steal even more info almost instantly... the reset takes all of a split second.

The Nelson and Earle Ultra Thin boards are wonderful if you don't mind the inconvenience... even the Perspex (clear plastic) boards are great, if you don't mind the hassle. For most of us however, pre-show is a big enough pain, so why add so much more to it, using a device that can lend to you other serious headaches?

I can't say in the open forum any specifics, but I've literally had the things go to pieces when back stage doing the naughty. :wink:

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Postby Chris » Jan 6th, '09, 17:41

but I've literally had the things go to pieces when back stage doing the naughty

Oh thats not good, will Pm your re your suggestions..oh and a happy ne year.

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