Sprung and Dagger

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Sprung and Dagger

Postby bananafish » Nov 27th, '08, 15:14

Sprung and Dagger by Ryan Schultz

Where From Jeff Pierce Magic

How Much: £10

What You Get:
A booklet, a special card and 2 (very) elastic bands.

The Pre-amble
I love rubber band magic and although it could be argued this is a card trick and not rubber band magic (certainly the spectator will hardly remember that a rubber band was involved) it does use a beautiful rubber band move that was new to me.

The Effect
A card is freely selected (genuinely freely selected) and placed back in the deck.

The magician loses the card by shuffling/cutting, then just to make sure it is trapped, wraps a runner band around the deck.

The magician then talks about this being the most dangerous card trick in the world (or not – depending on which patter you decide to use). In specific though the magician talks about how magicians of old used to thrust a dagger into the deck, capturing one card. A little like little Jack Horner but without the thumb. (or the pie come to think of it) (actually nothing like little Jack Horner at all – I mean there isn’t even a corner involved. What was I thinking!)

So anyway – the magician ends up giving the cards a little shake, and in a most stunningly visual manner – a card with an image of a dagger is seen sticking out the deck at right angles to the deck.

This is an eye popping moment and when you do it the first time to yourself in front of the mirror you will more than likely give out a little gasp of joy.

The dagger of course finds the freely (genuinely freely) selected card.

The Post-Amble
Detailed instructions with photographs are supplied. The photo’s were particularly welcome, although I did know a variation of the “pop-up” move so that helped. But I wouldn’t say it took more than 30 minutes to get my head around what was needed. After that a bit of practice to commit it to muscle memory and I was ready to go.

There are also two scripts supplied for patter. The second actually made me laugh out loud – which seeing as I was on a train at the time – caused a little embarrassment on my part.

Difficulty. 3
1=Even I can do it, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Yes there is some fiddly bit to learn with a rubber band (a sleight?) but once you have that down, it is plain sailing.

Effect/item: 9/10, Quality of goods: 10/10, Value for money: 9/10

Bottom Line.
Very visual magic – that gets good reactions around a table. (see the video on his website to see how visual the final move is)

I don’t use either of the patters supplied (well bits of the first one) – I get the spectator to throw an invisible dagger into the deck (being careful not to harm me).

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Postby daleshrimpton » Nov 27th, '08, 15:17

I agree with this write up, though i dont own it as This kind of magic doesnt suit my personal style these days.

But its tip top card magic to watch. :)

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Postby bananafish » Nov 27th, '08, 23:59

and fun to do...

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