D'Lites and Airline Attendants

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D'Lites and Airline Attendants

Postby J6M8 » Dec 5th, '08, 01:23

I first saw these props on an airplane of all places (of course, that was before they started their post-9-11 policies of 'nothing mildly interesting allowed on the plane'), where the American flight attendant (if this is you, please let me know, you're one of the reasons I'm a magician!) pulled a red glowing ball out of my ear and replaced it in his. (I was young, this was soooo entertaining!)

The Effect
You do something silly, make a contorted face, and pull an obscenely bright red light out of assorted orifices on your (or an assistant's) body.

The Review
While it's a great prop for semi-closeup magic (i.e. 30-40 feet away, at a kid's birthday or I suppose at some sort of club), D'lites are difficult to see in well-lit rooms, and the trick is pointless in pitch black, which means that unless you happen to have a dimmer-switch and electronics kit handy at all times, (plus permission to screw with the area's lighting) it's drastically limited to very picky situations. However, the magic itself is remarkably convincing, albeit very simple to perfect. The lights aren't bright enough to be seen, so the audience will only see 'The Amazing Pordooni' waving his arms around like a mad man, claiming that he's about to take some red light out of his ear.

Overall, 7 out of 10.

If you want more information, or I'm not conforming to the rules of the forum, please let me know. This is only my second post, so I'm not sure what I'm doing yet!!


(Note from Mods: Edited quite a bit - please note on TM we don't dislcose how things are done or how they work, more information in the rules and stickies. There are also many existing threads on these, the Search function will lead to plenty more tips and ideas of how to use these items. The other identical post has been deleted.)

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Postby richard bellars » Dec 5th, '08, 01:30

So you think part of a review is to expose the trick?? I've just been reading the sinbin and can't understand you fools......

richard bellars
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Postby J6M8 » Dec 5th, '08, 01:34

Sorry, if that's not allowed, I'll definitely take it out!!

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Postby moodini » Dec 5th, '08, 05:26

Maybe consider editing the title a bit as well.

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