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Postby greedoniz » Jan 12th, '09, 19:58

The Effect

Not so much of an effect but a service for making a bespoke gimmicked playing cards with whatever you can imagine printed on actual card stock.



The cost will change depending on what is required and on what stock but from what I had I found the price to be very reasonable


Have you ever had an idea for a card effect but it required a gimmicked design that didn't exist? Well I did and I came across Cardmaker through an old thread on Talkmagic.
The process in getting a bespoke card made is a very easy one and involved sending an email with your idea, receiving one back with a template of what your card will look like, paypal and await your card.
Cardmaker is able to print a bespoke version of most card brands that I would consider popular for magicians and that includes double facers and backers too.
The quality of the cards I received were excellent and matched exactly what I requested. The printing process used (on my cards anyway) would probably be rumbled by a magician on close inspection as not being printed by the card company but for the use in which any gimmicked card would actually be used would pose no problem what-so-ever.
On the customer service front I had excellent communication and when my cards went missing in the post a replacement was sent out quickly and with no fuss.

For those who have no ideas currently for this sort of service I would still say have a look at the cardmaker site as there are also ready printed replacement packs for effects such as Ultimate monte and, excitedly for me, Queens out of Control on Bike Stock. There are many more common gimmicked cards and packet trick replacement cards too.


A very good service
A very good product
A very good price
A very happy Greedo

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Postby Replicant » Jan 12th, '09, 20:03

Do you have to buy in bulk or will they print, say, one card and send it to you?

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Postby CardMaker » Jan 12th, '09, 20:16

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Printing custom cards starts with 1 card only.
Of course up to 5,000 cards.


Postby dat8962 » Jan 13th, '09, 00:01

I've used Cardmaker's services in the past and the quality of his work is first class. Postage is pretty prompt as well.

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Postby Mr_Grue » Jan 13th, '09, 00:31

Thanks for this review Greedoniz. I came across the site a while back, but these services live and die by their quality - nice for someone else to have made the investment to find out!

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Postby greedoniz » Jan 14th, '09, 16:56

The service provided by cardmaker really can open out a world of card effects which can be unique to yourself.
For example the cards I have had printed will be used in an already well known trick but now with a slight twist that is my own.

I will probably in the near future be ordering some of the replacement packet trick cards as I have always loved "Queens Out Of Control" but the cards that are supplied with the effect were lousy.

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Postby leviticus » Feb 8th, '09, 11:06

I have Just received my cards from Bernd and I must say I am very impressed.
The shimmed cards are perfect and I have no doubt they will go un-noticed by the most picky of spec's.
They are a perfect replacement for the nasty steel card in L***** T*****

If you are thinking of ordering cards send Bernd an email first stating your requirements and he will advise you on the best options.
Dont panic that its a German site, the postage is cheap and his English is perfect


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