Mexican Revolution feat. Jaywalk

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Mexican Revolution feat. Jaywalk

Postby lewis » Feb 28th, '04, 00:28

NAME : Mexican Revolution feat. Jaywalk

PRICE : £11.99


TYPE : Close up card trick

DIFFICULTY : Jaywalk: 1.5/5
Mexican Rev. 3/5

ANGLES : Almost everywhere but directly under.

EXAMINABLE :Mexican: no, but shown freely
Jaywalk: you deal cards on their hand but no examining.

RESET TIME : Few seconds

WHAT YOU GET : Booklet of both routines and all moves needed, envelope with all needed gimmick and regular cards.

Mexican Revolution: 4 jacks are spread, one by one just by waving they turn face down. One is turned face up....and they all turn face up! Oh...and the backs have changed colour!

Jaywalk: 4 face down cards are shown, 1 is shown to be a jack. The cards are spread and with a wave 1 card turns face's a joker! 2 more waves and one by one, 2 more jokers turn face up.....square all cards, and they are all face down....and have turned into the 4 jacks! Fronts and backs are shown, all singles.


This is great, how a trick should be. Clear, well presented instructions detailing every aspect of the routine with clear photos. The cards included to perform both effects are supplied (2 gimmicks used in M.R, 1 in J) are bicycles with no moving parts, double cards, sticky stuff, roughing stuff, nothing to break just ingeniously specially printed.

There are no funny looking moves in either of the routines, and the cards are shown very fairly (in Jaywalk the cards fronts and backs are seen, even though only 4 cards are used!)

Have a look for yourself, theres a demo on this site:

Overall: An amazing trick, great what you get for your money (all cards needed to perform both effects).

Buy it, you wont be disappointed I assure you.

RATING : 10/10


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Postby lewis » Feb 28th, '04, 00:29

Oh and I performed these effects today, probably got the best reaction of any card trick I've done at school 8)

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Postby juggling_guy » Feb 28th, '04, 21:07

tempting but what about the difficulty, are there any tough slights used?

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