JOL Billfold Wallet

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JOL Billfold Wallet

Postby Ian McCarthy » Jan 29th, '09, 12:53

The Effect
This is a wallet for card-to-wallet type effects, it is a billfold style wallet, i.e. the type of wallet you probably have in your pocket right now rather than the giant handbag of a suit pocket wallet some magicians seem to prefer.

I paid £38 from Top Secret Magic, they had it at my door without problem within a week. (I'm in Ireland)

Realisticly this is probably a 3-4, you will need to be able to palm a card in some way shape or form to use this wallet. The method you use to palm it depends on what effect you are using it with. I just use a simple top palm when I am using it to finish my ACR.

This is the first wallet I have purchased, and having used it in the wild for about two weeks at this stage I am very happy to recomend it to anyone who wants to preform this type of effect. I find the loading mechanism very easy, it requires no slides, can be just as easily kept in the back or side pocket (maybe not on tight jeans) and as I typicially preform in Jeans and a T-Shirt, it is much more appropriate than any of the large style wallets you may have seen.
The product is made out of real leather, and looks just like a normal wallet, there is no reason why you can not use this as your every day wallet should you so desire. I don't know about UK money, but euros fit fine into the bill slot, even the large 50 euro note.

The wallet has the standard bill slot, which is described above, two areas in front of that that are suitable for credit cards, bank cards etc. Between the two is another flap that is playing card size. This might be suitable for a small packet trick or the like. Just above the bill slot is a small zippered compartment, this is where the card appears once it has been loaded, and on the other side is a small slot (Maybe to hold your drivers licence or something).

On the outside of the wallet is a small pouch that is almost exactly the right size to hold a playing card. I personally keep Colour Monte in mine.

Due to the design of the wallet, the load is very easy, and a card can be easilly loaded as you reach into your pocket to get the wallet, I have yet to have the card catch or snag on anything when using it.

I can happilly give this 5/5, it was exactly what I was looking for, will not draw any attention amongst the people I typicially preform for (For example I have never seen anyone who is not a magician use one of the large style wallets, I think they look a bit too unusual to most people for them to not draw attention). It has one purpose (card to wallet) and it preforms this exactly as you would expect it to. The price is reasonable, the construction of the item is fantastic, I see no reason why this will not manage two or three years wear and tear being used as an every day wallet (even longer if it is just used for preformance).

Ian McCarthy
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Postby donpisci » Jun 2nd, '11, 16:43

I have to say, I used this out in the wild a few weeks ago and it was brilliant.

One of the reasons I plumped for this wallet over others was to make me practice my palm, which having this wallet forces you to do. As for the load though, once you find the 'knack', it's incredibly easy to do.

One thing I would suggest however is to practice with the wallet in different pockets/ trousers as some pockets require you to alter the technique slightly.

Well worth the investment!

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