The Change Bag

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The Change Bag

Postby Shortelz » Feb 4th, '09, 23:09

The Effect

~15-100 Dollars... Depends where you get it and what kind you get.


1 - This trick is sooooooo easy!!!


This trick is an amazing trick for stage shows... The effect is that something is placed inside a bag... The with a wave of a want you can make it disappear or even make it change! The Gimmick would last a few years depending on the quality



Perfect for any stage show :)

Sorry this is only my second review (My First Was Better) Tell me how I did xD

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Re: The Change Bag

Postby Harry Guinness » Feb 5th, '09, 00:09

Shortelz wrote:s sooooooo easy!!!...amazing trick...The Gimmick would last a few years...Perfect

lowing review and it gets a ... 7 out of 10. Why? With a review like that and my own personal experience I'd say it's at least a 9 and that's only because no 10's exist!!!

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Postby Jean » Feb 5th, '09, 00:59

I'm sorry but this wasn't a review, this was just you saying you enjoy using a change bag in your shows.

If you reviewed a particular change bag, that would be fair enough. If you did, then you would talk about price, durability, design, pros and cons compared to other change bags etc.

You wrote the price was between 15-100 dollars (assuming you buy if form an American shop) but you don't say where to buy one.

This is akin to me writing 'Playing cards. price £1-£8 they can do easy or hard tricks and I like them 7/10'.

I don't think you shouldn't do reviews, I just think you should consider more carefully about what people will find useful.

Unfortunately no ones going to find what you've written helpful.

Don't give up, don't think I'm trying to hurt you or attack you personally but try to review something a little less well known, and review a particular product not just a general magic tool.

Keep at it, reviewing, like all things, takes awhile to perfect. Good luck to you.

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Postby magicdiscoman » Feb 5th, '09, 02:34

The effect is that something is placed inside a bag... The with a wave of a want you can make it disappear or even make it change!

since you brought it up and have asked about other things, some magicians have been known to load a large item into a change bag for a finale directly from a topit, ie for a cascade of sweets :wink:
also with two change bags you can throw a ball from bag to bag across the stage, ie put it in bag and make a flicking motion with your bag wile assistant catches said ball in there bag, finaly ending with each producing a large silk with little balls painted on them or not here silks. :D

change bags can be used for stage mentalism tricks and others, iv'e been able to get away with using 3, count them 3 diferent change bags in the same show doing diferent effects without anyone getting clued in.
there are also some specialist change bags that include, pupets, insides that chage colour multiple times and mini ones for coin work /close up work.
hope this helps. :lol:


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