Spot On. Wayne Dobson

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Spot On. Wayne Dobson

Postby Razzo » Feb 12th, '09, 16:18

Trick Name: Spot on.

Maker: Wayne Dobson.

Price: £14.99.

Available From: Magic Box.

Difficulty (out of 5): 1

Effect Description: This was one of my Birthday pressies.

This effect packs small but plays big!

You introduce a plastic wallet, which contains two items, a small mirror and a domino card, which has magnetic movable spots. You explain that magicians are always being accused of using mirrors to achieve their effects and that in this case it is true!

The spectator is given the magnetic card and is instructed to arrange the spots into a domino of his choice. After the spectator has re arranged the spots you then hold the mirror over the domino claiming that this is your prediction.

Obviously the spectators will be less than impressed with this magical feat. That is until you turn over the mirror to reveal your real prediction, which matches the spectator’s choice. The spots on the prediction may be checked, they are permanant and do not move!!!

Comments: This is awesome. The reactions are jaw dropping. The spectators just cannot believe what they are seeing. They arrange the spots to any domino pattern of their choice (No force) and you reveal that you knew they would pick that domino pattern. Its easy peasy to do as well. 100% Self Woring not a sleight in sight lol. I give it a nine because although the mirror works ok it is not glass it is like a laminated silver foil but that does not detract from the effect I just think a proper mirror would have been better.

Rating (out of 10) 9


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Postby bananafish » Feb 12th, '09, 20:52

Wayne Dobson has always been, and remains one of the great thinkers of Magic - and a jolly nice chap to boot.

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Postby Replicant » Feb 12th, '09, 21:42

I do like Wayne's magic, but this effect just doesn't appeal to me for some reason. I own a version of this called Domino Reflections that comes with a real mirror (about 1.5x3 inches in size, if I recall correctly); as I don't use it anymore, you are welcome to it if you would like a real mirror. Let me know if you're interested; if so, I won't be able to get it out to you for a few days because my house is being rewired at the moment and things are a bit hectic around here.

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