CS Extreme - Kris Rubens

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CS Extreme - Kris Rubens

Postby LukeMF » Feb 28th, '09, 00:21

Copper Silver Extreme, by Kris Rubens, is a new copper silver coin effect. (Available from http://www.MagicBox.uk.com)

My Review

As I’m sure many of you have experienced, earlier this month, I was in ‘freak buying mode’, at Blackpool.

I was standing at the Magicbox stall, and was immediately transfixed, when Kris himself showed me his routine with the CS Extreme gimmicks. Without hesistation, I asked him to add it to my already rather large pile of goodies…

His routine was amazing, very swift, and completely confusing - rather magical. Perhaps most noticeable was the lack of sleights that were happening, the coins just changed instantly, with a quick wave of the hand

This is what Magicbox say about the effect:

The Ultimate Copper Silver Effect!
After almost a year of keeping it to himself Kris Rubens has finally allowed us to release his copper silver gimmick set to the magic fraternity.  After it's initial release at the 2009 Blackpool Convention are proud to give you the opportunity to purchase this beautifully crafted set of gimmicked coins.
This set allows you to perform many routines that would otherwise need countless hours of practice; these include:
A beautifully clean transposition of an American Half Dollar and an Old English Penny.
A stunning back fire coin routine in which the coins seem to repeatedly switch hands that is so simple but yet so effective.
A super simple coin vanish which may be easily adapted to perform an almost self working coin bend.
An eye popping change of an examined half dollar into an old english penny.
A coin penetration where a coin visually penetrates your pants pocket.
And more...

The set comes complete with two gimmicked and two matching regular coins plus a full colour instructional booklet with detailed photographs!
Admittedly, when I got home and studied the gimmicks, I was rather unimpressed. I wondered exactly what I had just spent my £40 on, but now after a week or so, I realise the full potential of these coins. One of the key points I can raise about the gimmick is how easy to build into a routine they are. It is important not to just stick to the effects described in the booklet, but experiment a bit, you will be suprised at the results!

Now, onto the gimmicks themselves, you get two gimmicks, obviously, one copper, and one silver, both able to ‘change’ into the other colour instantly. You also receive two regular coins, used for switching the gimmicks out at the end. However, the gimmicks are not perfect in my opinion. When viewed closely, and from some sensitive angles, a ‘ridge’ is visible… (I don’t know how else to describe it). This is a severe let down, it’s visibility can be controlled, but it is quite unfortunate. The second let down is that one of the coins makes a lot more noise than the other, while ‘effecting the change’. This is not just a flaw with my gimmicks, but with I imagine every set, as it is because of ridges in the side of the coin, (which are present on every ‘silver’ gimmick). These are both problems which can be controlled, but could have been avoided while manufacturing the coins.

The concept itself however is excellent, and so simple. I don’t have much experience of other copper silver gimmicks, but I’m pretty sure that these are some of the best. The effects that are possible are endless, and all very convincing. A soon as you mess around with them for a while, you can unlock their potential, and see their full capability.

The Booklet included with the coins is well produced, easy to read, concice, and clear, I can’t find any fault with it (apart from a shameless attempt to plug another MagicBox effect half way through!).

The video on the MagicBox site is an accurate representation of the effects you can acheive, and yes, it does look that good. http://magicbox.uk.com/shop.php/shop/magic-tricks/coin-magic/copper-silver-extreme/p_1358.html

In terms of Difficulty, I would give these coins a rather vague 1/2/3 ! I’m sorry I cant be anymore precise than that, but I will say that all of the routines in the booklet are 1’s and 2’s. But the effects possible with the gimmicks could easily be 3’s, it depends what you want to do with them!

Overall, Copper Silver Extreme has received a commendable 9/10.

Oh, the price! A rather expensive £40… Erm, I’ll change that score to 8/10 !!

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Postby ElliottPark » Apr 24th, '09, 17:02

Hi Luke

Nice review!

We want more :twisted: :lol:

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Postby daleshrimpton » Apr 24th, '09, 17:10

what's this? a geordie dating site :lol: :lol: :lol:

As a southerner, i should say that ive seen the trailer, and its a very good effect.

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