Card Warp

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Card Warp

Postby Time on my hands » Mar 8th, '09, 13:52

I recently bought Roy Waltons Card Warp. After the private time of practice to understand the effect and being able to carry it off effectively, I decided to involve the audience by allowing them to fold the "folder" card. This action seems to throw them off guard. Also I keep it simple by just doing a couple of slides and then tearing the cards (together) and placing them on the table showing the two halves of the "twisted" card opposite ways to each other. Ihave seen the version on U Tube with a bank note & think mine is more effective. Give it a try. The boss at home does not like card tricks, but does like this.

Time on my hands
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Postby moodini » Mar 9th, '09, 04:57

This is an effect that I have had in my arsenal for years but never ever perform it....seemed to always get stale reactions and just packed it away. Maybe I should revisit it again.

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Postby daleshrimpton » Mar 9th, '09, 10:02

i do it all the time.

one thing i would sugest is that you dont let them fold the card at the beginning.
Why?, well if you let them fold one of the cards, it puts more heat on the other one that you fold.

if you handle everything, it builds up a tension, as each stage is placed more and more into their hands, ending with the tearing in half, and leaving the bits with them.

right up to that point, they think your fooling them with gaffed cards.

when they reach it, the whole thing becomes more impossible.

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Postby Reverend Tristan » Mar 9th, '09, 10:20

There was a version out years ago that I bought where you did the effect twice with same cards. Endded up with 3 bits, two face up and one face down :D

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Postby Manreb » Mar 28th, '09, 05:55

I have always had a spectator fold one of the cards, This is done at the same time as I fold the key card, You tell him/her to fold the car and hand it to them so that they fold longitudinal. The old do as I do gag, were you are shocked to see the card held by the spectator to be folded lengthwise.

Great gag great effect.

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