White Bikes by Paul Richards

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White Bikes by Paul Richards

Postby Spanky » Mar 10th, '09, 20:54

The Effect

Often copied WHITE BIKES is the original trick that started everyone is talking! Marketed since 1995, it has received great reviews from the Linking Ring, Dean Dill, Paul Green, and Mike Close....just to name a few!

You begin by laying a blue backed prediction card face down on the table. Then you display a red backed deck back and front. You ask the spectator to give a number of their own choosing. They now use that number to select a card. The remainder of the deck is placed off to the side and the prediction is now turned over to reveal that it matches the spectator's card!

But it's not perfect match because the selection has a red back and the prediction is blue. You respond, "No problem!" and with a snap of your fingers both cards now have blue backs!

The audience is certainly impressed, but you explain that the prediction you can understand, where all the other cards went is another matter... and with that you turn over the remainder of the deck to reveal all the faces are blank!

A real triple whammy!


$14.95 from Elmwood Magic


3=Some sleights used.


WHITE BIKES is a very easy effect to perform and the audience response is always strong! There is no rough and smooth, no complicated moves, no switching of the deck, and it can be a different selection each time you perform! Manufactured by in quality Bicycle card stock.

I brought this for £10 at blackpool, when you buy this you get the deck and instructions on paper which is not bad as this is really eay to follow.


I would give this effect 9/10

The reason it dropped a point is that the deck can not be examined at the end of the trick unless you are quick with another move.

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Postby FRK » Mar 10th, '09, 23:21

how much you spend at Blackpool ?

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Postby Spanky » Mar 11th, '09, 08:48

FRK wrote:how much you spend at Blackpool ?

To much...lol

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Postby Barry Smith » Apr 14th, '09, 12:35

Hello everyone!

This is my first post and I am delighted that it relates to 'White Bikes'.

I saw Paul Richards (of Elmwood Magic) perform this at Blackpool 09 (on his dealer stand) and both experienced and shared the amazing effect with others.

Needless to say, I immediatley bought it (along with a few other items from his stand).

I have since performed the trick and received jaw dropping reactions.

It's brilliant and easy to do (just a couple of moves)!


Barry Smith
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