Crazy Cell Phone into Bottle Magic - Criss Angel Trick

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Crazy Cell Phone into Bottle Magic - Criss Angel Trick

Postby XBRCBR » Mar 28th, '09, 23:53

Difficulty - 1 / 2 - Depend what methods you use to communicate with the public and control them to do what you want.

PRICE: Bought with 19$

What they say:
Put a cell phone into a sealed bottle visually, even borrowed !
The magician borrows a cell phone and a plastic bottle from spectators. Showing that there are still some liquid inside the bottle, he instantly penetrate the borrowed cell phone inside the borrowed bottle VISUALLY, sealed inside. The cell phone must be removed at knifepoint and handed back to spectator!

Borrow the bottle and cell phone or use your own. Penetration happen visually without any covers. Insert not just the cell phones, but ANY item small enough to fit into the bottle.

* Powerful effect as demo video shown.
* Everything can be borrowed.
* Great for impromptu, close-up and street.
* Come completely with secret gimmick & instrustion

What I saw:
The trick is really ingenious and will give you a very good reputation.Of course you are limited only by your imagination.You can get into bottle anything. (Be carefull to have a good size for fit) :).
Come with a routine (step by step) and gimmick.

Price 8/10
Quality 8/10
Final: 8

VIDEO: ... r_embedded

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Postby D_Sharp » Apr 6th, '09, 22:27

Sounds cool.
Isn't this the same as 'behold the scarabaeus'?
If it comes with a knife then it's for adults only, kids Image

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Postby XBRCBR » Apr 6th, '09, 22:32

Yes, I think is the same.
Don't reveal the secret :D The "knife" is a smart device for make the trick posted by me :)

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Postby beverlyyan » Feb 16th, '10, 15:34

That is indeed an interesting cell phone magic trick and I am sure it will amaze all the magic lovers out there. So, I am guessing now, I think knife has something to do with this. But I don't want to reveal the secret yet. I am letting others do their own analysis. CAAS

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Postby magiclovers » Feb 19th, '10, 01:16

Very easy to use.. and for the noise problem, it DOES make a lot of noise, but guess what people-IT DOESNT MATTER! If you're holding a plastic water bottle and squeeze just a tiny bit it makes the exact same noise. :wink:

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Re: Crazy Cell Phone into Bottle Magic - Criss Angel Trick

Postby Jenny » Oct 21st, '19, 13:44

This is a nice “quick switch” using at least one and most likely two “Stooges”. But the thing that intrigues me is not how he does the trick but rather: How the heck did he get a mobile phone into the bottle when he set up the illusion?

From any angle on all of the filmed occurrences I can find the bottle looks remarkably intact without an obvious seam. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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