What Your Future Holds by Rich Marotta

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What Your Future Holds by Rich Marotta

Postby Harry Guinness » Mar 31st, '09, 12:34

What They Say

What Your Future Holds by Rich Marotta
Now anyone can be a Psychic!
Absolutely NO psychic ability required!

You can't be proved wrong!

The funniest Prediction in the World.

After a series of fair selections a spectator arrives at one of twelve possible future events. The prediction states that she will "make passionate love to a clown." Your prediction is absolutely correct. When she looks up you are wearing a clown nose and a smile.

"A subtle set up with a super socko, surprise finish!" - Daryl

"Hilarious" - Bob Sheets

"You'll get lucky doing this effect." - Simon Lovell

What I Say

Fecking hilarious. You start by playing it as a straight tarot style exercise after showing them a few of the available futures ("You will meet a mysterious stranger" and other horoscope style stuff) and then getting them to choose one. The reactions to this are excellent and the dodgier the grin the better. It's a love ice breaker.

What's also nice is everything bar the nose will fit in your wallet and a sponge nose isn't too hard to carry around so it's good for those 'show us a trick' moments in the pub!

I don't know what else to say really, the description matches the effect for a change and whatever your reactions to the description are, they are likely to be your reaction to the trick.


Yeah it's a one.


£17.99 from http://www.alakazam.co.uk


Maybe a tad over priced for what you get but it is just so much fun and plays so well.


Harry Guinness
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Postby Replicant » Mar 31st, '09, 13:37

It's original, I'll give him that. Let us know if your prediction comes to pass.... :wink:

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Postby Lady of Mystery » Mar 31st, '09, 14:06

sounds like a nice bit of fun but perhaps not something that I'll be performing. :?

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Postby magicdiscoman » Mar 31st, '09, 20:00

I would and it would definatly be an ice breaker at a psychic party, think i'll put this on my list.
this would work well alongside my "can i have your hand", "no it isnt part of the reding i just wanted to hold your hand." :D
of cause i can always get away with it because I'm so cute. :shock:


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