Witness - Lee Asher

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Witness - Lee Asher

Postby Groovebird » Apr 15th, '09, 13:59

This looks like a variation on the Indecent trick of Wayne Houchin and I was pleasantly surprised by the effect. I cary this along on every performance.

You now hold in your hands -- an original idea from Lee Asher. He
performs his brand of magic across the world, leaving audiences
speechless. Witness has never before been released on
DVD -- until now.

After having a card selected, your spectator holds a ziplock bag with
a Joker sealed inside. The Joker, held securely between the
spectator's palms, 'transforms' into the selection! Never once is the
bag opened. Everything can be handed out for examination.


let's say 1-2
There is only one sleight involved and it's one that almost every magician can do.

I'm really fond of this trick. It's easy to perform, easy to carry along with you. The preparation time is under 30 seconds, so it's easy to reset.
Perfect for walk around or table hopping.
I only performed this trick about 15 times or so but I got great reactions every single time.
The only thing that bothers me (but that is out of a magicians perspective) is that you can't have the card signed.

If you're a close upper and you like to use 'props' with your card magic then Witness would be something for you.


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