Ring Flight Revolution by Dave Bonsall

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Ring Flight Revolution by Dave Bonsall

Postby greedoniz » May 6th, '09, 22:56

The Effect

I wont go in to what a ring flight but instead will paste the relevant segments from a thread on TM in which Dave first made this ring flight known to me.

“A few of you know about the locking ring flights I make and use. At Blackpool, I had a lot of people interested in buying them. The mechanism is hidden inside a car key, like the old Rinkey Dinkey ring flight, but these are genuine car keys and much, much better.”

“I also won’t be selling them through a dealer, as they will nearly double the sale price.
This means that, when released, I'm able to reduce the sale price to £85. Each ring flight will also come with a 2 year guarantee. So if, in the unlikely event anything goes wrong with it in those 2 years, I'll either fix it or replace it at no charge. After the 2 years, I'll fix it for a small fee.
I'm so confident that magicians will love this ring flight that I'll also be offering a 1 month trial with it. So if you're not entirely happy with it in that month, you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked!
The keys will be Peugeot, Citroen or Ford. All genuine car keys. Other models are available, but are made from second hand keys, and I can also custom make keys if required.
Each key comes as a key bunch, with other keys, the unique thing about this ring flight is that once the pull retracts, it locks in place, allowing the spectator to remove the ring. The clip is also separate from the car key, between two door keys. So is even more deceiving”


As Quoted above

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Difficulty is all dependant on the routine but the device itself is very easy to use (1)


I think it is only fair before I get cracking into this review to let you know where my experience lies when it comes to ring flights.
I have always loved the idea of them but the key fob wallets always put me off as a most suspicious item for someone who is neither a caretaker nor of an age which requires me to wear cotton slacks, smoke a pipe and grumble about “How thing’s where better during the war”.
Then several months ago “Departure” came out and I bought one straight away and quite frankly I loved it (so much so that when I lost one I immediately bought another). However, it wasn’t perfect with the casing feeling cheap and slightly unconvincing and the line being to short for my liking.
Finally there were the stories I heard from other saying theirs had broken. Anyway these days are now over for me as Ring Flight revolution has come into mix and changed all that.
I have only had it for a day, given, but as I already have a well practiced routine that uses a ring flight it has just been a matter for me of testing this gimmick out and seeing how it feels to use within a ring flight routine and I must say I think this thing is pretty damn good indeed.
The first thing that hit me when I opened the package (which got to me within 24hours of enquiring!) is that I was presented with a set of keys, I threw them over to the (magic cynic, seen it all) missus and she looked at them and commented why I’d been sent a bunch of keys through the post. The build quality or more accurately the gimmicked innards are to an outstanding level which will never raise any suspicion.

The reel length and strength are exactly how I like them although Dave has told me that both these factors are adjustable and it is this adjustable and fixable nature that makes one feel secure in using the product. Pile on top of this the 2 year guarantee and it is quite hard to find a fault.

The final element to this device which is just a bonus but upon trying it out on some spectator is that they can be safely allowed to remove the ring from the key ring clip themselves due to the locking mechanism built in. This locking system is great because it involves no switch or button and (I think) is activated by the process of the revelation itself.

I don’t want go on too much in this positive vein just in case I get of accused of laying myself down at the Bonsall altar with a dagger and a goat so I will add one bit of very lame criticism at the device. The clip the ring is attached to is of the traditional variety that anyone with a ring flight is most likely to have used and personal I’m not a fan as I’m quite used to the one on “Departure” and so have swapped it on to my gimmick.
This is probably contrary to most people who would probably prefer the one supplied but I had to complain about something, I’m British for crying out loud!
Anyway, I’m off to find a goat and a dagger...

Ooo before I do one last thing that I think needs to be addressed. I hear cries of “Expensive!!”. They are hand made individually, work brilliantly and have a 2 year guarantee. What more do you want?

If you are looking for an out of 10 you are going to be sadly disappointed. If you cant be bothered to read the review then I cant be bothered typing in a number.

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Postby Tony Hyams » May 7th, '09, 00:04

I see you liked it so much you posted it twice!! I couldn't agree more with you, it is a great ringflight and well worth £85.

Tony Hyams AIMC
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Tony Hyams
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Postby Mandrake » May 7th, '09, 08:53

No harm in giving a very positive review, if it's good we need to know! However, just for the sake of tidiness, the duplicate post has been removed - jus' like that...

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Postby greedoniz » May 7th, '09, 09:28

Yes the duplicate post was due to my computer having a bit of a hissy fit.

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Postby lindz » May 7th, '09, 16:02

2 year gaurantee and one month trial can't fault that maybe some of the other dealers should take note and listen. When a dealer is offering you this type of offer you know its going to be a quality item. Also an effect I am really interested in so I may even look into it myself pretty soon.

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Postby mrgoat » May 8th, '09, 21:03

lindz wrote:2 year gaurantee and one month trial can't fault that maybe some of the other dealers should take note and listen. When a dealer is offering you this type of offer you know its going to be a quality item. Also an effect I am really interested in so I may even look into it myself pretty soon.

It's not an effect I like, so I'm not interested, but I agree that this balls out approach of a one month trial and 2 year guarantee is an awesomely good tactic.


Postby Harry Guinness » May 11th, '09, 22:48

Okay, I was trying to wait until mine actually arrived to give a review but this needs to be mentioned.

Dave is an absolute pleasure to deal with, I have never seen someone so willing to help in anyway they can. The only way to explain properly is to list all the reasons so far!!!

1. Dave posted it to me in good faith before I'd even paid so I could get it a day or so earlier!

2. He has no VW keys left but is getting in a batch so he's sent me out a key to use until he puts together some VW keys and then he'll swap them back.

3. He's knocked together some instructions before he puts the real DVD together.

4. 1 Month Trial!

5. 2 Year guarantee!

For feck sake, even Ant Jacquin doesn't offer a guarantee!!! (granted skills vs. gimmick but anyway...)

So far Dave is scoring a 51 on customer service without me even touching the gimmick!!! If it's half as good as the service it will be peerless!!!

Harry Guinness
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Postby greedoniz » May 12th, '09, 07:58

I agree with Harry here. I've had exactly the same treatment and can only explain it with 3 hypotheses:

1) He has lost his mind
2) He has such utter confidence in the product that he knows it offers no risk to himself
3) He's a gent and a scholar

Personally I think its a bit of each :wink: :wink:

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Postby DaveBonsall » May 14th, '09, 17:02

I've now put a temporary website up which can be found here: http://www.fingertipmiracles.co.uk/ring-flight-revolutionurl

Thanks for the kind comments guys. I'm a firm believer in customer service!

Ford keys are also now available


The Ring Flight Revolution will officially be released in about a month or so when I've made the website and DVD, but I'm happy to sell to anyone interested now if you're happy with a temporary DVD until I've created the proper one and no fancy packaging.


Dave Bonsall

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great prop

Postby metaxas » May 22nd, '09, 11:23

I just got my citroen key and I am absolutly happy with the prop. I have performed Ring on Key on many occation, but this version is just great. Good Quality, great system.


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Postby Ed Wood » May 22nd, '09, 20:18

This looks very interesting. I have never seen a ring flight I'd actually want to use in a performance. I thought departed was a piece of junk, the line too short and the case flimsy and easily broken. The only ring flight I have seen that I would trust to use is the El Duce case. Unfortunately I don't like the leather cases, they look very out of place.
I have been trying to make my own by putting a reel into a key but had no joy mainly due to the lousy reels I have been using.
Does anyone know the best way to get in touch with Mr Bonsall? Through his site or through PM on here?

Ed Wood
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Postby DaveBonsall » May 22nd, '09, 23:48

Hi Ed,

''Mr Bonsall' here! ....I prefer Dave though!

You can contact me by either P.M here or by my email address: dave@fingertipmiracles.co.uk.

I'm very much the same as you, never really found a ring flight I liked, hence the reason I make these. Like you, had a nightmare trying to get the reel in the keys at first. It took nearly 16 keys before I got it right. My local car breakers thought I was some kind of nerdy key collector! I was in there all the time checking out used keys.

Anyway, with the investment of a mini lathe and milling machine, it's now not too difficult to do, and I currently have 4 makes of key available, more soon I hope.

There's more info about the keys at the website: http://www.fingertipmiracles.co.uk/ring-flight-revolution/ in case you haven't already seen it.

Kind regard


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Postby richard bellars » May 23rd, '09, 07:46

Congratulations Dave!!

I worked with dave out in Dubai a couple of years ago and he showed me this, he had a B E A U T I F U L routine that went with it and it always floored. I pleased that he is finally getting this out there as i think it's the best version on the market.

Well done Mr Bonsall

richard bellars
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Postby feifei » May 30th, '09, 14:22

After checking out your website, all i could say is 'OMG WOW!' , they are fantastically amazing, just what i am looking for! Very deceiving! My first ring flight had a big reel in a key bag which makes it looks so suspicious when showing the bag/keys.

This is gonna be a big hit! Hopefully the price don't go up after that :P

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Postby Chris » Jun 1st, '09, 09:49

These do look cracking pieces of kit...shame I have no current use for one at the minute...although Im racking my brain to think of one lol

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