Blindspot by Bob Swadling / Mark Mason

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Blindspot by Bob Swadling / Mark Mason

Postby aporia » May 21st, '09, 15:02

I know that coin-in-bottle is much derided and that there's a thread about Blindspot here
but I didn't have one, so ...

The Effect

They say
[...] a revolutionary gimmick for performing the classic coin in bottle effect, we call it BLINDSPOT.
... a totally CLEAR BOTTLE, letting a spectator examine both the bottle and the cap, inside and out.
Blindspot is an incredible, brand new gimmick, that will allow you to perform the coin in bottle on a whole new level.
NO gimmicked bottles: [TRUE]
NO gimmicked bottle caps: [TRUE]
ANY totally see through bottle: [FALSE]
NO covering the bottle of any kind: [FALSE]
BOTTLE & CAP can be fully examined: [ISH]
2 routines and handlings fully taught, step by step dvd tuition, Resets in 5 seconds, Perfect for strolling, restaurants, stand up.
Requires a folding coin 10p, quarter or a folding coin of similar size

I say
It's true that there are many cib effects out there. That fella Angel has one that's ungimmicked, but this looks pretty strong.
You get the gimmick and a short 15 minute video of Mark Mason demonstrating the product with two handlings.
I purchased this because I liked the idea of taking any inspected bottle and ... voila ... the coin appears before your very eyes. Unfortunately it's not quite as simple as that.

Firstly, consider the bottle. The materials of the bottle and the cap are essential to this trick. Mark states on the video that the label position is essential. The cap also needs to be easily removable so that you can show the bottle empty. In practice this means that you need to stretch the cap slightly so that you can get it on and off without jerking it. Basically it comes down to alcohol bottles.

Secondly, consider the handling. You can give the bottle out for examination both before and after the penetration, though you probably would not want to let the spec hang onto the bottle with the coin inside. While you can be quite energetic with the bottle with the prepared gimmick, you can't be too rough.

£20 from ... sp?id=1994
You need a folder which is about £15

(2=No sleights, but not so easy / 3=Some sleights used)
Bobo-switch-type-stuff (obviously). Not the hardest set of moves in the world.
If your spectator is a seven-year old, watching from about 5 cms from the bottle then you better make sure your palming is top. Mine isn't and I got spotted :oops:

The gimmick itself is pretty well made. It does the job very well, it's actually very clever. The design is such that provided you have the right bottle, then the spec really can give the bottle a good examination. Even after the coin appears, the spec can still give the bottle a visual examination and the gaff is hidden. The reset is easy and almost immediate which means you can hand the bottle back. Can't see it breaking.
The DVD could be longer with more handlings, more angles, more bottles. Perhaps some vids of people on THE STREET screaming would capture the magic zeitgeist, but Mark didn't do this. Shame.
You can't really use a signed coin.
Does what it's supposed to do. But not everywhere you want to do it and not with every bottle you might want to do it with.

As has been mentioned in the other thread, if you already have a CIB effect then you won't need this. But it's quite fun, quite easy and quite convincing. Actually, I think it's very convincing, but then I'm a simple person.

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